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Thank you Heartland Select Committee! It's really an honor to receive this award!

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Thank you Heartland and Michelle! I rec'vd this wonderful award on 1/21/00. Click on over and visit the Heartland Estates homeplace!


With a heavy heart and a loss for words, I'm posting this new page of mine. It is a memorial to my Mom, whom I lost to Alzheimer's Disease, Sept. 5, 1999.


Thanks for stopping by, if on purpose or by mistake! This page was made entirely with WebTV. I've had a lot of fun and met some really great people! I want to thank everyone out there who supports us WebTVers. UPDATE!As of 11/2000 I am now a proud owner of my very own PC! Which means of course, I'll be playing around and redoing this site in the future. Who knows when though! I'm sorry to all the diehard webber friends but there just ain't no comparison and I wouldn't have that webtv back for nothing! LOL Until next time...peace and blessings to all...
This page consists of some of my interests, things that I love and my own personal experience dealing with Alzheimer's Disease. Join me in my garden of life and see what grows here. Don't forget to sign the guestbook and give me some input! I'm always under construction, so come back often!

Won't you please take a moment to visit my page on Alzheimer's Disease? I have included some informative links there along with my personal story about loving a parent with this disease. I am working on expanding the Alzheimer's pages to include much more information. That's why it's important to keep checking back here! *S*

Alzheimer's Disease Diary of a Disease
Moms poetry
The garden Herbal things
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My graphic set was made by Laura, PLEASE do not take it! It is very special to me, besides you could get a set designed by her also. She does beautiful work! Thank you Laura! You're a sweetie!

Web-Crafts by Laura


Pennys From Heaven

Please visit Pennys site and see how you can help to protect our pets!
Thank you Merr from Pennys From Heaven! Everyone check out her site, she has all kinds of animal abuse prevention sources and petitions to sign to stop this horrible cruelty and maybe just maybe if enough people respond, we can get stiffer sentences for those who are convicted of animal abuse crimes!

The capability of WebTV users to use graphics WITHOUT linking directly is a result of Anthony's Transload Service. He is a wonderful, giving person for this, check out his site to see what I mean.

This is a site I began a short time ago for my White Sheperd and my beautiful calico kitty. They would be flattered if you would visit them!

The Animal House!

This AA logo courtesy of Webcrafts by Laura

friendship ferret

My friendship ferret was given to me by a really special person, my friend, Merr! Click on the ferret and see her page!

Fantastic Ferrets

Thanks for coming!


On December 14, 1999, I was devastated to receive an email from Guestworld saying they had a major crash and that all our guestbook entries were gone! I had over 200 entries from all around the world and it meant so much to me to read the wonderful messages people left me and be able to visit their sites. I am very sad over this. Won't you please sign my book again so that I might have the pleasure of visiting you too? Thank you so much!

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