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This is a picture of me Christmas of 1997 when I got Doggie as a present. I love Doggie, and I take him with me everywhere. Once Doggie got to come to the doctor with me and we weighed him. Doggie used to bark, but now he's getting old so he doesn't, but I still love him.

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Hi! My name is Aaron Nicholas. I am 2 years old, and I will be 3 in April. Everyone says I am a very cute little boy, but I suppose you'll have to visit my Photos page and decide for yourself. One of my favorite things to do is watch Blues Clues on TV. I have a Blues Clues page on here for you to see. It has pictures of Blues Clues and links. Another part of my site is the Little Bear page. I also hope that you will visit my cousins' pages. They are listed in the links. My cousin Pam is making this web page for me since Daddy doesn't know very much HTML. Oh, and before you go, please sign my guestbook so I can keep a record of everyone who has come to my page. I hope you like my page! Thanks and come back soon!!!

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