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Two Siamese, A Bengal and a Snowgirl.
We all help out with our Meowmie's photo album business,
inspecting it all to ensure a quality album
Albums by Amery

but first, our Website Awards!

Our website has been honored with the
MadCat award for website excellence!

Thank you to Genghis Khan and his Meowmie, Joanna
Visit them at http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Pointe/1253

And we love this award from The Monkeyboys, Nicky and Koko!

Inspector Sashi's prizewinning photograph!
Sashi is a Classic Seal Point Siamese, born May 29, 1996.
Her titles include:
1997 TCA's Third Best Cat in Show as well as

Best Classic Siamese Cat in Premiership;
1998 TCA's Best Classic Siamese Cat in Premiership as well as
2nd Place for Most Beautiful Eyes


And the photo of her
Most Impressive Tail!

Sashi is always quick to tell us she's hungry or needs petting.

This photo won Best Couch Potato. Hmm...wonder why??
Happy Birthday, Sashi!
For more pictures of Sashi, click  HERE


Inspector Zoey at about 6 months of age.
Zoey is a Marble Bengal, born March 2, 1997

Although she appears to look "wild", she is
completely domestic and oh-so-loving!
This relatively new breed has gained enormous
popularity. There are spotted bengals, brown marbles like Zoey,
and the newest pattern, snow marbles and snow leopards.

For more photos of Zoey, click HERE

Our Newest Inspectors Have Arrived!
On September 17, 2003, we adopted two kittens from
the vet, and they've been working real hard to
learn the photo album inspecting business from
their big sisters, Sashi and Zoey.

Click HERE to meet Mia and Neve

On a windy September day in 2003, one of our Inspectors
crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
Winter, a beautiful 7 year old Classic Siamese
Chocolate Point, and littermate to Sashi,
is our 5th inspector. And while she's no longer
physically with us, she will remain in our hearts
and our house, forever.

To view Winter's Tribute Page, click HERE.
And bring your kleenex!

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