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If you haven't figured it out, I'm not what I seem to be. I love fashion and role playing; but am still not sure if I'm a TV, CD, or DQ - I feel androgyneous. I think I'm good enough at this hobby to experience what its like being a woman in our society, but without menstrual cramps. Here are some of my photos - decide for yourself. It's been called gender slumming. On weekends, I experience the rewards of femininity; but on Monday morning, I'm back at my man job earning more than females of equivalent ability. Nevertheless, it has been the most interesting experience of my life and has taught me a great deal about people, not to mention skin care. There should be a cross dressing class in high school to teach young men about style and also how to treat women (and each other for that matter).

My fashion sense is different than most T*girls. Personally, I hate stilletto pumps (unless they are Manolo Blahnik's), and don't own a garter belt or any PVC tube skirts. Also, I love to wear pants - lets just say it helps connect me to my masculine side.

I live and work in the Chicago suburbs, when I'm not traveling on business. A good place to find me is on weekends at Hunters Dance Club. Many of my friends go there too!

Send your thoughts to my e-mail box.

Ciao, Lynn

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