Hi I'm Cierra Elizabeth!!

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This is me in May of '99 I was exactly 3 days old here. Mommy will put more picture's up as soon as we get them done!!

I'll be 1 on April 30, 1999


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I am now 3 weeks old! I was born on April 30, 1999, for more about when I was born check out my birth story You can also take a look at my on-line birth announcement that mommy made, Mommy says I'm already getting soooo big!! I don't really do too much yet, but I Love when my mommy and daddy hold me and rock me and feed me. I like when my brother's try to help mommy out because Donavan let's me eat bugles they are really good for snack's but mommy has a heart attack when she see's me eating them. I think 3 weeks is old enough don't you??

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Mommy tells me all the time how much she loves me, do you know tht my mommy loves me soooo much that she has had my name picked out since she was in the 8th grade?? I thought that was really nice of her! She loves me so much that she is making me my own web page!! Of course she also loves my brother's sooo much too, and she's making them one too. She is the greatest mommy in the whole wide world. I just know she's gonna be loads of fun once I figure out what some of these things on my body do, like those things that are all the way down at the end, I don't know what they do yet, but I know my brother's like to play with the little things that poke up outta them, it tickles sometimes and I have to move my feet.

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Out of all of the families I could have been born too I really do think I found one of the greatest ones!! Not only does my Mommy think I'm cute and loves me to death, but so do my brother's and my daddy! I look alot like my daddy ya know..Mommy always thought her little girl would have blonde curls that go all the way down her back, but she was wrong and she's not wrong often! I have dark hair just like my daddy. I love my daddy so much he's awfully tall and I like when he hold's me I can see everything for 10 feet around!! Mommy always call's me a princess I sure do hope that's a good thing. Well I guess I better get off of here mommy might go through computer withdrawl again, I saw it the other day and boy was she needing her diaper changed!! She's great and we all love her but boy watch out if she doesn't get her way.

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While mommy is thinking of new things to do check out some of the great links I like!! I don't have alot of fun links like my brother's do yet, but they are links that my mommy won't do without!

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My Brother Dylan's Page     rugratsbut.gif (2709 bytes)

My Other Brother Donavan's Page  winniebut.gif (2030 bytes)



(mommy's site that she created for her friends at babycenter, even though I was born in April, we are still very active in this community!)




Huggies (wipes)

Enfamil (formula)

Making bottle feeding a family affair

Breast Feeding (mommy uses a bottle but she supports this!)

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These are the webrings that I belong to check them out!! But don't forget to finish looking around my page's first.

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Mommy just set me and brother's up our very own email accounts, click on the word Mail to see what my email address is, bet you can't guess?!!?

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