to Nora's excellent adventure!!

I came into a wee bit of unexpected cash and went
on my dream trip!!! Well, it would have been a perfect
dream trip if my husband, Jeff, could have come with me but
I had a wonderful time on my own. I flew to Dublin, Ireland
from Toronto, Canada and visited with my friend,
Eirl (Elizabeth in Ireland) for a few days.

This is the newest member of the family, Bob, seen here with Jeff.
(Jeff's the cutie on the right...LOL!!) I really missed
Jeff's company on this trip. *sigh*

This is Eirl's beautiful garden in Dublin, Ireland.
The pic truly doesn't do it justice...

This is Eirl, me, and Sunniva with her King Charles Spaniel doggies.
We were in Sunniva's kitchen in County Wicklow, Ireland.

I parted with dear Eirl and made my way north
to Belfast by train. I stayed at the Europa Hotel
while in Belfast and later learned that it had been
bombed eleventy billion times.

This is the Palm House in the beautiful Botanical Garden in
downtown Belfast.

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