How to build a pond


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Building a pond on your school grounds is really pretty easy.  The first thing you need to do is decide what size and shape you want your pond to be.  There are many preformed ponds available which are made out of a plastic material which simply slips into the ground.  If you want to have a large pond, you will have to dig it out yourself. We had a parent dig ours out with a backhoe.  Once the hole for the pond is dug, you will need to line it with a specially created pond liner.  These are available from gardening centers or through mail order catalogs.  We got the one for our school from Lily Ponds.  After we put the liner in, we secured the edges with flat rocks and landscape timbers.  Next we filled the pond with water.  We then attached the filter and pump.  We made sure that our electrical source had a ground fault interrupter as a safety measure.  After the pond was built, we added water plants that would grow in our area.  The last thing we did was to add the fish. 


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