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Under the Sea

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Each of the links to the left contains facts and information, photos, classroom activities and investigations, online games, and downloadable worksheets and puzzles.

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None of these materials are usually found in a school supply store.  I purchased these materials from

Acorn Naturalists.  They are my very favorite source for anything related to Environmental Education.  Be sure to check them out! 


Exploring the Oceans, Science Activities for Kids. Fredericks. This hands-on activity book has activities about seashores, tide pools, coastal waters, to name a few.  Good activities.  Ages 7-12



Marine Biology, Adventures, Projects and Ideas for Exploring the World of Oceans and Shores. Doris. Produced in cooperation with the nationally acclaimed Children's School of Science at Woods Hole. Wonderful activities and illustrations.  Good for ages 7-12.




The Incredible Coral Reef, An Active-Learning Book for Kids. Albert. Games, art activities, turtle adoption, winner of the Teacher's Choice Awards.  Grades 3-8, but may be used with primary gifted students.



The Coral Reef Teacher's Guide. By Reef Relief a Non-Profit Organization. Great information, lessons plans.  Material for all levels K-12.  A truly outstanding resource.




Getting to Know the Whales. Wade. This book is filled with great information about whales.  More appropriate for intermediate students than primary.  Has discussions with marine biologists which is good. 


Diving into Oceans. NatureScope. I have used this series for years and will use it for many more to come.  Great activities.  Good for grades K-6.




WOW! The Wonders of Wetlands, an Educator's Guide. Here you will find everything you need to teach about salt marshes and wetlands.  This is a super guide.  I learned about this book from the Dauphin Island Sea Lab. 



Miscellaneous Materials About Marine Life


Fish Printing - rubber model fish.  I like these because they make wonderful fish prints, and you don't have to worry about the smell or mess with a fresh or preserved fish.  Also I use them to illustrate the different parts and adaptations of fish.  They are a wonderful resource for a unit on fish.  They have a bluegill sunfish, flounder, rainbow trout, yellow perch, and carp.  I have the bluegill sunfish and the flounder.


If you are not familiar with the Banana Slug String Band, you have got to check them out!  Great songs for primary students.  SLUGS AT SEA is their tape about ocean life.  I used the songs successfully through grade 4.




I was thrilled when I discovered this video.  I have been searching for a video about jellyfish and plankton for several years.  JELLIES AND OTHER OCEAN DRIFTERS. Great music.



WHALES, An Unforgettable Journey (IMAX).

If you saw the IMAX movie, you'll know this is a great video.  Breathtaking at times.




The Voyage of the Mimi - Take your students on a real adventure in learning aboard the Mimi. The 13 dramatic episodes (15 minutes each) tell the story of Captain Granville, his grandson C.T., and a scientific research expedition out to study whales off the coast of New England. During a series of exciting adventures at sea, students learn about whales, the principles of navigation, how to use maps, how to use the sun to make fresh water from salt water, and much more. After each episode, a documentary-style expedition (15 minutes each) takes students to aquariums, museums, and other places where people are doing interesting scientific work.



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