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WORLDCHAT is a conference on the FamilyNet BBS network, in which people from various countries around the world have made friends. This page gives information on how to join the conference, either by calling a BBS or subscribing to an e-mail mailing list. It has list of some of the regular participants, past and present, with links to their e-mail addresses, and personal web pages, if any.

Participating in the Worldchat conference is a good way of keeping in touch with the people who participate in it. It's a bit like a dinner party without the dinner - though you can, of course have your own dinner while you join in - just don't spill anything on the keyboard! Almost any topic can be discussed - some are light-hearted, some are serious. Most discussions are concerned with differences in culture and language between different countries, politics, religion, the weather etc. The main rule for participation to to be friendly and avoid flaming. Particpants should be able to disagree without being disagreeable.

If you've lost touch with old friends completely, whether you knew them in BS conferences, at school, or elsewhere, there is always the possibility that they are looking for you. Try the link below to see if there are old friends who would like to get in touch...

Is someone looking for you? Who? Me? Type your last name and search!


  1. Who's who in WORLDCHAT
  2. How to join WORLDCHAT
  3. Sign our visitors book to let us know you've been here
  4. Web messaging

Should you join?

Worldchat Participants

Add or change your description

If your details in the list above need to be changed, or if you aren't in the list but want to be, you can add or revise the information by using the Who's who form. It is posted every few weeks in the WORLDCHAT conference, but if you can't wait, you can request it by e-mail from .

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How to join WORLDCHAT

There are several ways of joining and taking part in the discussions. Here are some of them

  1. Web BBS
  2. Dial-up BBS
  3. E-mail mailing list

Joining by Web BBS

You can log in to the FamilyNet Headquarters BBS right now - just click here.

You log in as you would to a dial-up BBS, as a new user for the first time, and just remember your password for the future. Once you''ve signed up, you can join WORLDCHAT (listed as Family Worldchat) or any of the other conferences. When you click on the "Join conferences" link, you need to wait a while for the list of conferences to load. It's quite long, as there are a lot of conferences.

If you would like to use this method in future, note and bookmark the URL now:


E-mail mailing list

Here's how you can subscribe by e-mail:

If you click on one of the above links, your mailer should open up so you can enter a message. Just send it. Simple as that!

If you have any problems subscribing or unsubscribing, send e-mail to:

Bob Hoffman

To send a message to the conference itself from e-mail, address it to:


The advantage of this method is that you don't have to log in to a BBS, and mesages from WORLDCHAT will be delivered to your e-mail in box, so you won't miss any.

Dial-up BBS

If you are interested in participating on the BBS side, you can get more information on the FamilyNet BBS network at http://www.fmlynet.org/

. You can also see a list of BBSs at http://webspace.webring.com/people/gu/um_8454/bbsweb.htm

There are also several other FamilyNet conferences available by mailing list. The WORLDCHAT conference is a general one, for discussing almost anything. There are also some more specialised ones:

If you think the Worldchat conference has too many old farts in it, check the youth conferences.

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