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Chloe's Home Page

In Loving Memory of Our Beloved Cat: Chloe 1980-1998

This page last updated October 17th,1999...tweaked January 27, 2001 and again May13, 2002..

Eternally under construction... shrug....sorry.

Rant: Thanks, GeoCities for the free site with mega advertising, the pop ups are thankfully gone (from the main page at least)

wait...they're back too geeze and replaced by a pop-up & the wonderful banner, annoying and obnoxious... I DO like the water mark, now that rocks...uh



pause...the water mark is gone.


The Consumate 3d Virtual Reality Browser, where you can chat in real time AND build your own house or skyscraper or have fun with bots and games, or own your very own world.

The Alpha World Historical Society web page...find the members list, the charter and links, and the AW Web Ring.

A page within this site for Dune, The Movie fans, including the Chapterhouse Web Ring.
The Dune page includes a letter from Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Andersonabout the upcoming Dune prequel!! Which has come and gone, but you may be interested in a bit of history.

Send FREE virtual cards at Wicked Moon!
Free Electronic Cards!

THE very BEST virtual card site!!! My friend Jason is irreverent, sweet and a damn good card designer!!
A card site with something for everyone!! (shhhh Yes... I stole Brian Caputo's trailing can too!) GO THERE!!

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