The airboards were designed originally for a means of transportation by the city's defenders, but visiting adventures began requesting them and so full production and redesigning of the original board began.
The airboards are controlled by the shifting of ones weight, and the use of verbal commands spoken by the pilot. The upper and lower platforms are equipped with Electro-adhesive panels. This allows pilots to attach to the top platform without any fear of falling off, and fusion packs or other gear can be attached to the bottom. In order to pilot a board, pilots must have the Pilot Airboard skill and wear a helmet that has a H.U.D. system, headjack, and microphone to pick up the verbal commands, or be a 'borg with a headjack, eye implant and some form of verbal implant such as a radio. A cable connects to the head jack and allows data such as speed to be displayed. Most modern body armors have these as standard features.
For no additional charge with every purchase, a lesson is included. This will give characters a basic understanding and a proficiency of 20% for special maneuvers. For an additional 2000 credits, characters can take a full week long class that includes stunts and weapons systems of common Airboard designs. Characters who undergo the class (or characters selecting this skill at creation) have a base skill of 45% +5% per level.

RAB-01 Eagle

RAB-02 Falcon

These graphix were done by me using AutoCAD 14.

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