Chiyath's Glen

A haven for elves and friends, old and new

As you step out from the dense and thriving forest, a shaft of sunlight welcomes you to this, my glen. Here is a haven for travelers and visitors to rest and relax before continuing on the jouney through time and space. Find a shaded spot, lean back against a tree or take a look around. Among the majestic oaks and multitude of wildflowers, you'll find links to some of my favorite sites, some words about Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, and even a word or two about me. I hope you enjoy your visit to my small glen and feel free to come back whenever the fancy takes you.

Histories About me, Pictures
Wheel of Time About the series,
Tales and Biographies
Worlds of Fantasy Elves, Dragons and
other worlds
Lost and Found Missing Angels, a plea
for help, and Treasures
for the taking
Brite Star's Vale A place for children,
about animals and games.
Spirit Light Share in the sense of friendship.
Mementos Banners for those who would
like a piece of the Glen
Portals Awards, Credits, Links
and Webrings

I would like to also invite you to visit the site of my dear Gaidin Gangorn Atramion at The Hall of Worlds.

Please feel free to send me your comments or input.
I'm always open to constructive criticism, so long as no one suggests adding me to the Trollocs menu. : )

Download the font I've used on this page here.

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For those of you who might feel a touch nostalgic, let your eyes wander over some of the entries from my old guestbook

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The Utopian Juvenile Society

Image of Chiyath courtesy of Earl Jonathon Bower
Earl Jonathon Bowser

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