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Welcome to my learning and role-playing center. Please excuse the shoddiness and the rather large pieces of construction equipment, but, as always, this site is ever being worked upon. Please excuse us for the mess.

You are the to visit my esteemed website since Nov.1998.

Hopefully, when I'm finished, this site is going to contain a rather extensive collection of information about role-playing games, the horror, fantasy, and sci-fi genres, a fan fiction section, and a modest database of information regarding various types of supernatural beings. I only hope that my humble contribution does not so utterly clutter up the web, that it has no place being here. So, I'll see you in the funny pages.

Rifts link "Life was never easy, not here, not on Rifts earth. Then came the great wars, the exterminations, the CS labor camps, and then the death of Karl Prosek. No, life was never easy. Now, now it's hell on earth."----from Ariel Bains "Surviving our Modern World"

Star Wars "The force is not merely an energy to be manipulated. It is a living, flowing being whose presence is always with us. It constantly flows throughout all things, allowing us to live as we want, do as we wish, live as we will. The only restrictions are the ones you have within your mind, remove those, and there is nothing you cannot accomplish. Remember, we are luminous beings, not this crude physical form. We can do anything, we can do everything, because the force is with us, always."---Kem Sworddancer, Jedi Battlemaster

Movies/Entertainment; Seems kind of out of place among the rest of the stuff, doesn't it? But I'm a real movie/music/tv freak as much as I am a role-playing one. So this page is generally about reviews and any rants and raves I may have about any particular subject. Go here if you wanna see someone letting off steam... :)

Demonology/Theology; There is a world beyond the norm, one most cannot see, and generally ignore. I'm trying to see that world, and here are a few things I've picked up along the way. This page is somewhat iffy. Depending on the response I get, I may or may not actually continue with this particular page.

CoMiNg SoOn; Coming soon to Cypherion's Realm is a hosted RPG material page and a fan-fic page dedicated to Star Wars, Rifts, and some of my own personal works.

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