Tina's Chihuahua Friends

A Guardian Has Fallen

Tippy's brother

On Tuesday, June 30, 1999, Frankie Tupa died. He had been suffering from the ravages of old age for quite some time. His suffering has ended. However, Mom, Tippy, and I all miss him.

But One Guardian Remains

Frankie's sister

Tippy-tin was with her brother up until his death. She is now very bony because she had been allowing Frankie to eat her dinner. Frankie couldn't metabolize his food well and needed the extra to make up for it. Tippy will probably beef up after eating a more regular diet. The other day she received her first helping of Taco Bell - a steak burrito. She loved it. Tippy has also started to randomly roam around the house as if she's looking for someone.

Other Old Family Friends
Who Are Now Yipping
At St. Peter's Heels

Tojomaleone of my mother's childhood pets
Snukiemalethe black one
Snukiemalethe tan one
TrixiefemaleTippy's and Frankie's mom
YanafemaleTippy's and Frankie's aunt
BonesmaleTippy's and Frankie's dad
VincemaleTippy's and Frankie's brother
ChitomaleVince's twin brother


Miss Piggy, Tippy's and Frankie's sister
She was given to a relative who gave her away to an unknown person.
We do not know what became of her.


The Chihuahua War Stories

Now for some Chihuahua Links

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cute but take it with a grain of salt
The Williams Clan
Our Chihuahua Kingdom page
Canine Epilepsy
Frankie occasionally has seizures.
Frank Jackson - runs the Chihua-L mailing list
I had to leave it because it was quite huge.
Rosie O'Donnell
a famous Chihuahua owner however no mention of it on her site

not run by Taco Bell

Chihuahua Media Appearances




Taco BellThe Hotel New HampshireThe Simpsons
The "New" SteelJury DutyThe X-Files
Lady and The TrampGabereau
Oliver and Company

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