Goin' to th' chapel an' we're...gonnna get ma-a-arried...

Psst...wanna hear someting funny? I'm getting...MARRIED! ! !
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On a lesser note, I've also recently established a new site over in the FurNation artists' directory...nothing really posted as of yet (see above as for why), just a variation of my construction page for now. Still, it's a place where I can post material of a nature not allowed here in GeoCities (both commercially and artistically). If you're curious, click here to take a trip to "Fizzgig's Litterbox" (a name I chose because almost every page in the directory had some variation of "den" or "warren" in their names, and I hate to be TOO cliche'...).

"Who th' heck are you?"

"Okay...why should we give a flying fig about you?"

"Where'd you come up with this site, anyways?"

"Geez, what's with this website, anyways? Are ya trying to make our eyes bleed or something?"

(By the way...I've utilized several graphics on this site that I've picked up from web-surfing, so I'm not at all sure who to credit them to. If anyone can tell me, please let me know so I can post the proper copyrights, etc.)

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So far,

have had their eyes scarred by this website...who will be next?
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