I always liked my inner world better than my outer so thought I would create this page and share it with you.

I believe we are co-creators of our world and must take responsibility for what we create. In doing these pages and trying to put just a little part of my soul on these pages I found I am multi-faceted and there is so much to me that it would take many pages to express myself

I started out by wanting to express my gratitude to the angels in my life but there are so many that I couldn't picture all of them here either the human ones or the ones who just hang around and guide my life. So I just put on these angel twins who seem to express the essense of all of them.

Just like this page is always changing , so am I. As I know more and experience more my ability to love expands. I love so many people and I have just really began to live the concept that I have mouthed for years that we are one. I think one must know one 's self and love one's self to understand that concept and universal time and my time are not the same. I get so impatient for growth. I want to live more and love more NOW.

:) He He well it all comes in time. Just as I must patiently learn to publish these pages so must I extend the same patience to myself. I hope in the next few weeks to add some poetry and some short stories to this page, If you have a poem or a short story that has to do with the angels in your life e-mail them to me and I will publish them here.

I so appreciate the people on the web and especially my sisters and brothers at Spiritweb chat who support me and love me even when I am not so lovable. I have an adopted virtual family there.

Well, rest here for a while and enjoy my pages and come often because as I learn they will change. This seems to me to be a time of change we all seem to be changing spiritually more quickly than we can keep up with, I will be excited to share your changes with you. Click on Jassmines Page those of you who know me as wolfpuppy and leave me a message. Until we meet again the Divine in me greets the Divine in you.


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