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Last updated June 3, 1999
The only thing new right now is my first SW fanfiction, found on the fanfic page.

NOTE: I know, I haven't put up the episode guide for "Dogs of War" yet. I will put that, along with the episode guide for "What You Leave Behind" and probably some final thoughts on the end of the series, soon...perhaps as soon as tomorrow. If not, it'll be another week. Patience, patrons!

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Extreme Measures

NOTE: Episode guides for "Dogs of War" and "What You Leave Behind" will be up soon. Check back to the Bistro for updates!

My fanfic used to be right here, but this front page seemed a tad long so I split it up. The fanfiction now has its very own page! It's right here! All my stories are there, for better or for worse.

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NEW: Circle and Spiral is now posted!


Some top ten lists highlighting what I think have been some of the series' brightest (and dullest) moments.

Top Tens currently posted:

  • Best Episodes
  • Worst Episodes
  • Best Guest Character
  • Best Recurring Character
  • Best Single Scene
  • Coolest Episode Title

I'll soon be adding Best Single Line, Most Humorous Scene and Best Villain lists. If you have any suggestions email them to me!

Here you will find an episode guide for many DS9 episodes, namely, the ones I have on tape...since I don't trust myself to write them from memory. For other episodes you'll still get a summary...more guides to come as my tape collection expands!


WARNING!! These episode guides contain spoilers. The summaries include the endings and any plot twists that may be present...consider yourself warned! Proceed with caution!

In each episode's guide you will find:

I have compiled these episode lists for several reasons: 1) I have often wished for lists like this myself, 2) in the hope that others might find them useful, and 3) I clearly have too much time on my hands. Regardless, here's hoping they're useful to both newbies and diehards alike.

If you have any suggestions for other ways to cross-reference episodes, please let me know! There's always room for more compiling!

I would like to acknowledge Tracy Hemenover's DS9 Encylopedia and Lexicon, without which I would not have been able to compile these lists. Muchas gracias.

If you've been around the Net for any length of time, you probably have a nice stockpile of those humorous emails that float around and land on people from time to time...I know I do. I decided that this would be a good place to collect some of my collection of Trek-related humor items and post them!

Click here for some chuckles!

Note: This part of the page is totally frameless.

Oh my goodness, there are some wonderful Websites out there! I know everyone has link lists and I'm no different. Here are some of my favorite Trek/DS9 sites...and if they seem a bit Odo and Kira-centric, then expect no apologies! :-) I've kept the list fairly short, especially considering that many of these pages are contain extensive link lists themselves...these are just the pages that I myself visit regularly or especially recommend. From them, you can get just about anywhere!

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