I am Dame Lady Ween Bloodblade, bore out of the lands of Bifost in the Celestial Kingdom. Now you could say I am a nomad with out a home, a wanderer of lands and kingdoms alike. The title Lady binds me servant to the populous of my homeland. The white belt around my waist makes me servant to the people of the Celestial Kingdom. The patch upon my chest marks me as servant to my battle company of Annihalus. The favor hanging upon my belt shows me a servant to the household of the Amazons and daughter to Mistress Wynd. A plain brown sash whispers the service of a Master Druid. My topknot hints at my race, but the dozens of pouches and my hoopack name me kender true . . . and tell the tale of my servitude to the wanderlust. The name Bloodblade allows me to serve my family household of the Bloodblades. My heart, my hand and my mind serves the Dream. I am a servant to the game known by the outside world as Amtgard. And, this is my humble site cast upon the sea and sky of the modern world.

I am in the middle of reconstructing this page. The links work as far as I can tell, but no promises there. Considering I haven't done anything to this page in almost five years till now, I thought it time for a cleaning. Different pages have been added and if you find any dead links or bugs please email me and let me know. So please bear with me.

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