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Welcome to my humble home. I continually change and update the page but I simply refuse to put up one of those tacky "underconstruction" signs.

As you may know, I am a Furr. Specifically a Rabbit-Morph. I stand 5feet 8inches tall (not counting my two long ears) and weigh 130 pounds. My body is covered with soft brown fur except the insides of my ears and my chest which is white. My usual attire is a dark red tank top and a pair of bright blue speedos given to my by Lokivoi the Otter. About my neck on a black leather cord, I wear the gold medalion bearing the image of Frith that was given to me by my father on Summer Solstice. This winter, I have taken to wearing a dark green wool cloak with a hood. Although my winter furr finally came in, I get cold easily and I hate being cold.

I was born in the Watership Down Warren eighteen springs ago and currently reside at Tapestry Furry MUCK with my furrmate Armus Bear since on the eighth day of February. I am a shy and gentle furson but I am no-furr's slave or pet. I am a free-bunny till The Black Rabbit comes for me.

Stuff about me.
Me back at Watership Down on BeltaneDay.
Why I left Watership Down...
Tapestry, where I live now.
My Furry Art Page
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The Mysterious Rabbit (The most amazing thing I've ever seen!)

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