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Many people have heard of the wonderful Redwall Series by Brian Jacques. After being a fan of his ever since I broke the binding of Mossflower six years ago, I decided it was time to show my love of the series through this page. In these pages I will show my favorite characters, as well as my favorite books in the series. I hope you enjoy my pages, and I encourage you to share your opinion with me through my upcoming Guestbook. I am always looking for creative criticism, so if you think of anything I should add, don't hesitate to tell me. (Sorry I havent updated in so long, But don't worry!!!!!! More is coming!!!!!!!

REMEMBER: This page is always under construction!

Hero Links
Martin the Warrior
Grath Longfletch
Tammo & The Long Patrol
Coming Soon: Matthias, Martin the Second, Arven, Mariel, & Sunflash

Villian Links
Swartt Sixclaw
Coming soon: Cluny the Scourge, Queen Tsarmina, Ublaz Madeyes

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