"Where am I? Who are you people? How come I know so much?"
-Close Encounters of the Third Kind

My name is Alexis Johnson-Jimenez.  In 1994-95, I was hired by the Teach for America program.  I taught a fourth-grade bilingual class at P.S. 128 in New York City.  Since moving back to Iowa, I have decided to work toward my elementary education certification at small liberal arts college.

I have always been interested in the exploration of the solar system and believe that we are mere years from setting foot on another planet. I have designed a thematic unit for upper elementary and junior high students to explore this possibility.  Unfortunately, you will never hear my name on any ventures to another planet as I am deathly afraid of heights.  Ironic, huh?

Anyway, in the following pages you will find my project in its entirety, except for the actual images and videos that were used. This is due to the limited amount of server space. I must warn you that it is quite long. Although I had a specific set of students in mind when this was designed, I hope that I have made it flexible enough to meet the needs of any student population.

Feel free to copy, print, and modify this unit to meet your needs.  All I ask is that you e-mail me with questions and comments on improvements that I can make.  I will try to make revisions on this as scientific advances are made and the information becomes outdated.

If you don't have the time to read through this whole thing or would prefer to have a copy of it to edit at your own leisure, I would be more than happy to burn a copy of this unit on CD for you.  The CD would include all the lesson plans, images, videos, internet links, and would be ready for immediate modification or printing.

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Use the links to the left to navigate the document.  Thanks for visiting, e-mail me, and post a message on my Message Board.

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The Ben and Me Thematic Unit

I want to take this opportunity to thank my wife, Erika, for help in making this site as successful as it is and for her EXTREME patience with my perfectionist self.

Contact Me at:  Alexisjj@Yahoo.com

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