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Gift From Baytown Bert!!
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This page is about Jeeps. I will focus on CJ7's, Jeeps, and Off-Roading. I will be featuring pictures of my jeep and others from around the net. If you want me to place your pictures on my page feel free to email me pictures and some info about you and your jeep. Check out a few of the people I've met at reader's rides. I'm currently trying to figure out where people find this site on the web. Let me know via e-mail where you found me.

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January 4th Night Wheelin Pics!
January 2nd Kickin Wheelin Pics!
Fire Story! gotta read this one!
Another Adventure...gotta check it out!
Wheeling from 10/30/99...i'm stylin in a few pics! haha
Wheeling First outing w/CJ after last mods...check out the few pics i have up. Got a lil crazy :)
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I will be adding more pics as soon as I get them uploaded.

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Here I am in the Adirondacks.
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Thanx for visiting my site!! Check back every now and then because I am trying to update and modify as time permits. C-YA!!

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