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The Spacesuit and Pressure Suit Homepage

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Welcome to the Spacesuit and Pressure Suit Homepage.I strongly urge you to sign my guestbook! Please! You are probably wondering why I created a page devoted to spacesuits and pressure suits. Well, I have an interest in spacesuits and pressure suits, and I couldn't find any pages about them on the entire Web (the ignorance of some people!), so I decided to make one. Please sign my guestbook!

 One thing you should understand about the topic of this page is the difference in terminology. Pressure suit refers to any suit that is airtight and designed to protect its wearer from low air pressures and lack of oxygen. A pressure suit is not designed to protect the wearer from the extreme temperatures (or lack thereof) in space, and it is not designed to protect the wearer from micrometeoroids and harmful radiation found in space. Pressure suits are less advanced and less versatile than space suits.

Space suit refers to a modified type of pressure suit that not only provides the wearer with and acceptable interior pressure and atmosphere, but also protects against temperature extremes, harmful radiation (to a certain degree above a regular pressure suit), and micrometeoroids.

Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) refers to a special type of spacesuit. It has all of the qualities of a spacesuit and a pressure suit, except that, for a suit to be an EMU, it must be capable of functioning apart from its parent spacecraft. The Apollo spacesuit and Shuttle spacesuit are good examples of EMUs. An EMU must be able to function independently, and does not need to be connected to another craft by umbilicals.

This site was created to let people know about the amazing devices that merger man and machine. These "wearable worlds" have evolved over the past century from bulky, cumbersome devices, to some of the most advanced and ingeneous technology on the face of the earth. The following links contain pictures and technical information on spacesuits and pressure suits.

Some things I'd like to clear up.
1. - I'm NOT gay. I'm straight. (Not to imply that gay people are crooked or bent in some way or something : ) ), but I'm straight. I just like spacesuits because they are intersting. I don't have anything against gay people, I'm just not one.
2. - I myself don't actually OWN any space or pressure suits. I've been in a Mark 5 diving rig, and it was pretty neat, but I've never even actually been in any space suits. That's it. Enjoy the page. Also, I'd just like to let everyone know, I'd gladly wear any of these suits, I think it would be really neat. I'm not into any kinky sort of thing, I would just really like to wear these things.

Hey, I'd like to get together a spacesuit and pressure suit rally, maybe get to actually wear a space/pressure suit! Check it out!

Pressure suits This page deals with various types of pressure suits, used in high altitude flights.

The Mercury space suit This page deals with the space suit used in project Mercury.

Gemini spacesuits This page deals with the two major kinds of suits used in project Gemini, and I now have both of them, so take a look.

Lunar spacesuit prototypes This page deals with some of the spacesuits that were contenders for the role of being the suit that NASA used on the moon.

The Apollo A7-L spacesuit The A7-L was the actual spacesuit that NASA used on the moon.

The PLSS The PLSS (Portable Life Support System) Used by Apollo astronauts on the moon. This is the backpack.

Diving suits Okay, I know this contrasts what you have seen above, but, technically, dry suits used for diving are pressure suits, in certain instances. I now have two suits, so view them.

These pages are ALWAYS under construction, so be patient. If you have anything that could help me, I BEG AND IMPLORE you to send it to me, Spacesuit, at: Thanks! Or, if you would like to request information, I could try to look some stuff up for you, but I can't make any guarantees.
You are person number  to give a care about spacesuits and pressure suits. If you read the counter number, you MUST sign my guestbook, if you haven't done so already. So please sign my guestbook so I can know why you would bother to visit my page, and what I can do to improve.

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