Col. Tadeusz Sawicz - Polish Airforce 1939 - France 1940 - England 1945-45
Polands front line fighter the PZL-11c and on photo L-R Gladych, Sawicz, Gabreski, Rutkowski, Andersz, Lanowski

Colonel Sawicz flew the PZL-11c with the 114th Eskadra. The dark Blue Swallow on the fuselage was the squadron symbol.

Currently a correspondance has begun between Col. Sawicz and myself. Below is some information kindly supplied by Franek Grabowski a PAF researcher. Col. Sawicz escaped Poland through Rumania and fought in France in 1940 flying the Bloch 152 and then to England where eventually he commanded a Polish Wing. Some of the data below needs to be updated but approximates Colonel Sawicz's activities in WWII.(More to come)

Tadeusz Sawicz 13.02.14 born in Warsaw
1934 Szkola Podchorazych Lotnictwa w Deblinie (Air Force Cadet Officers'School)
1936 promoted and attached to 111 Eskadra Mysliwska (FS) of IV/1 Dywizjon (Group), later 114 EM of same Dyon (PZL P.11)

01.09.39 0-0-1 Me 109
05.09.39 deputy OC 114 EM 1-0-0 Do 17
06.09.39 1-0-1 Ju 86 (Do 17?) 0-0-1 Do 17
through Rumania to France Lyon 'Chimney Flight' 01.06.40 III/GC10 (Bloch MB-152C-1)

17.07.40 to Britain and 5 OTU. Then a transfer on 20.10.40 to 303 Sqn (Hurricane I's) and on 22.02.41 to 316 Sqn (Hurricane I's). Combat took place on 09.04.41 09.50 1-0-0 when he shot down the He 111 V4+CH III/KG40 flown by Lt. Ludwig Rebensdorf while at the controls of Hurricane I P3926 SZ-P
ON 15.07.41 awarded the bar to his Krzyz Walecznych (Cross of Valour).
ON 14.11.41 promoted to flight commander (from August Hurr IIA &IIB, from December Spitfire V)
06.06.42 58 OTU
20.08.42 2nd bar to KW
25.09.42 OC 315 Sqn (Spitfire IX)
04.04.43 14.35 0-0-1 Fw 190 Spitfire IX EN172 PK-K
16.04.43 deputy OC 1 Polish Fighter Wing Northolt
12.05.43 Srebrny Krzyz Virtuti Militari no. 09381 (Silver Cross VM)
03.07.43 liaison officer 12 Fighter Group
18.10.43 61 OTU
20.10.43 DFC
03.03.44 stage USAAF incl. 61 FS 56 FG US DFC
15.06.44 OC 3 Polish Fighter Wing
11.10.44-08.08.45 OC 131 Wg (Spitfire IX, Spitfire XVI)
15.06.45 3rd bar to KW

Polish Decorations from the Period Left to Right. Polish Airforce Service Medal, Cross for Polish Forces in the West, WW II Polish Forces in Exile Awards: Order of Virtuti Militari; Cross of Valour.

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