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Fear of being alone drives the herd. Fear of not being alone drives the Individual --Unknown

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Do you feel cast out from the society you live in? What about un-popular? Against the flow? Un-happy about current social trends? Do you wish to find a way to peace and happiness in your own mind? A way to make doubt stop? Perhaps you just want to know what is really going on?

You are in the Right Place.

This is a page for the individuals and free-thinkers of the world. It is a page for philosophers, for poets, for anyone not in the "main-stream".

If, however, you find comfort within the "In" crowd, if you do things because other people do them, or you have no mind of your own, you may want to click the "Back" button on your web-browser, as I tend to make fun of people like you. If you don't want to hear it, or you think I'm dead wrong, leave. No one is forcing you to read this.

If, on the other hand, you like what you read here, sign my guestbook above and let me know how you feel. Thanx!

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Who Is This Guy?

The Purpose Of This Page

What Are Trendies?

All in Black: A Trendy of a Different Color

Tree Huggers: Pure Evil

Religious Freaks: When Religion Goes Too Far

The Idiocy Of Television

Are You a Victim Of Society, or Just An Idiot?

Secrets The Government Isn't Hiding From You

Racists: The Truth About Fools

The Battle Of The Sexes Revisited

Rights You Don't Have

The Anarchy Hypocracy

Technology And The Fools Who Hate It

Others Who Dare To Think

A Whole Site For Those Who Have Made A Decision And Stand By It

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