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This page is dedicated to Nicklas Lidström, defenseman for the Detroit Red Wings. In my opinion, he is the best defenseman in the NHL. Feel free to look around and learn about his great career thus far. Hopefully I do him justice.

Nick Trivia: When Nick was negotiating his current contract in the summer of 1999, he tried to arrange for a part of his salary to go directly to the Swedish Elite League team in his hometown of Vasteras, Sweden. The team was in considerable debt. The Red Wings okayed the plan, but it was shot down by the NHL, due to contracts they already have in regards to compensation of European teams. The team in Vasteras declared bankruptcy this summer.

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2001 Stanley Cup Playoff Stats
Games Played Goals Assists Points +/- PIM
6 1 7 8 +1 0

Lidstrom's 2000-2001 Regular Season Stats

News and Updates

--The NHL Awards Finalists were announced on Friday, May 11th. Lidström is a finalist for both the Norris Trophy (Outstanding Defensemen) and the Lady Byng (Sportsmanship). This is his 4th straight nomination for the Norris, and his 3rd straight nomination for the Lady Byng. Here's a link if you'd like to see the complete list of the finalists. The winners will be announced in a ceremony June 14th.

--Happy Birthday Nick!! Lidström turned 31 on Saturday, April 28th. (The day after my birthday!)

--Well folks, Nick's season is done after the Wings' disappointing first round defeat. They lost Game 6 3-2 in overtime Monday night, losing the series 4 games to 2. Nick had an assist and was -1 in the loss, and played a total of 31 minutes and 50 seconds. He had a great playoff series, one of the Wings' few consistent performers. He had at least one point in every game, and wound up finishing first on the team in points.

--Lidstrom was one of the first 8 players selected for the Swedish 2002 Olympic team.

Update 4/16: Added 4 new pictures -- 1 under 2001 playoffs, 3 under 1998 playoffs. Added a great new article about the sports bar Nick co-owns in Sweden. And I've got another new guestbook. I wasn't happy with the last one. You can still view the entries from the old guestbook.

Update 4/09: Added the 4 new articles I mentioned above to the Articles page.



Lidström's 1996-1997 Stats

Lidström's 1997-1998 Stats

Lidström's 1999-2000 Stats

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