Galatasaray won the
Turkish League Championship
11th time in 1997

..then I haven't update these pages a whole year long and then..

Galatasaray won the
Turkish League Championship
12th time in 1998!

So I still have not need to update anything here.. 

In 1999, Galatasaray won the Turkish League title third time in a row. This page was still there celebrating the champions, this time with a great double performance, by winning the Turkish Cup too..

And now in 2000, these pages don't need any major modification since 4 years, because Galatasaray won its 4th consecutive league championship title, this time with a magnificent TREBLE!.. 

How? They are now Turkish Cup Winners 2000 and UEFA Cup Winners 2000 as well!..


We still
celebrate !..


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Galatasaray International Website

You can still browse these old pages or just go to the new Galatasaray International Website at

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