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Hello fellow sports fans!!

Petr Nedved holding Forsberg in a headlock.

(I know he's not in his Pen's uniform, but it was such a cool picture.)

Are all of you out in cyberspace as crazy about Pittsburgh sports as I am? Ok, I know that there may be a lot more than people think, after all I live in the city. Ok, down to buisness. This page is dedicated to those many devoted fans of Pittsburgh. Let's see... what sports will I cover? Right now, its the Pens mainly. I'm really not into the other Pittsburgh sports, but I will mention them... it is a PITTSBURGH sports page anyway. Personally, the Pens are my favorite team out of all of the Pittsburgh teams (Then again, I would like the Pens if all they did was play poker on the ice instead of hockey. Not that I'm condoning gambling, I'm just saying that I'd still be a die hard fan. Oh never mind, I'm digging this hole deeper and deeper...).

Ok, so keep in mind that this page is new and my brain is incapable of remembering these codes, so it will take forever to get some pages up... actually all of these pages, I'm not very good at these things. Damn technology... too many codes. Ok enough about me. Here's what I have so far, I hope you like it.

<----- Find out about me!!! I'm not Oscar the Grouch. (Ruined the suprise, didn't I?)

I'll keep this on for good measure... My Pens page.-------->

<---------- My page dedicated to my favorite player: PETR NEDVED!!

My page dedicated to the best player: MARIO LEMIEUX!!! ------------->

<------------ I've finally finished it!! My Buccos Page!!

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This is my friend, Becky, 's page. It's about the Penguins (I just thought that I'd warn you).

"Me Thayne, Yunz Jane" This is MY English language.

This is now a Best of Pittsburgh website! Gee, who would've guessed?

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