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Hi I'm cathygilbert. I'm glad you have stopped by my website. I really enjoying being online and meeting new people. So sit back, have some coffee and enjoy the sites that I have gathered together to share.
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My interests are:
reading, crocheting , chatting.baking and spending time with my kids, shopping, and being online The description of my page is:
cocker spaniels
german shepherds
^..^ pets in general

Here's a wonderful area online with AOL that you should visit:

Homeschool Connection on America Online Only

Homeschooling on the Internet (this is an AOL link that leads to internet websites on homeschooling)

Like Crafts??? Then head here on AOL:
Crafts Business Forum on America Online only

Special Interests - Crafts Crochet; A Chat Area available only on AOL

Special Interests - Crafts Chat; A Chat Area available only on AOL

AOL's Food section...has great ideas
Recipes and Cookbooks

Do you like chocolate??? Who doesn't!!!! Visit this site online at AOL:
Godiva Chocolatier on America Online Only

Like to shop???? Visit AOL's Shopping Channel

Special Interests - Women Shopping; A Chat Area available only on AOL

When I'm online with AOL, you can find me at the following site:
Slingo - A Game Show on AOL Games: Available on AOL only

I enjoy so many television programs...but aren't soaps the best??!! Soap Operas online with AOL (available on America Online only)

Arts and Entertainment - TV Soaps; A Chat Area available only on AOL

These are some of my Rabbit Lucy's Favorite Site Links

My rabbit Lucy is a beautiful chocolate and white dutch rabbit......My rabbit Lucy, is a chocolate and white Dutch

The American Rabbit Breeders Assoiciation
The House Rabbit Society

Visit my friend CorgiBuddy's rabbit's Snoopy inviting you in to their rabbit den: The Rabbit Quartet

Rabbits R Us

Dutch Rabbits are so cute.....doesn't it look like they are wearing pants!!!! These of course are stuffed animals, but gosh they are cute. I will be adding more rabbit pictures soon....especially of dutch rabbit.

alt.pets.rabbits online via AOL

RIC's Webring Homepage This RIC site is owned by:

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Here is one of my favorite sites on the web......PETSMART!

PETsMART: Store Tour

Special Interests - Pets Dogs; A Chat Area available only on AOL

Here are some site links to my favorite dog breeds.

Cocker Spaniels Breed Facts
German Shepherd Breed Facts

Enjoy!....and don't forget to visit my site again soon. :)
I will be having more interesting site links added soon, by my be on the lookout. :)

Here are some wonderful horse links to visit....full of great breed facts


on AOL you can sometimes catch me at the following areas: (Remember...these sites on AOL are only accessible if you are an AOL member.)
Pet Care's Horse Forum Available only on America Online

Visit The Paddock on AOL: Animal talk room IV

Horse & Farm Animal Boards on America Online only

alt.animals.horses.breeding online via AOL online via AOL

Morgan Ring Homepage Next Morgan Site This Morgan Horse Ring site is owned by

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Here's another type of horse that I think is really interesting......Hmmm, it's not a horse per se, but sort of......take a look:

Here is a site to watch out for!!!!! Hamsters, they sure do multiply forewarned! ^..^ LOL

Hamsters Fact Guide

For those of you interested in finding out more about crocheting....and crafts in general, please access this link. :)

Crocheting and Crafts in general

Here are several dog T-shirt designs that I really like, along with the links where you can purchase them: Cocker Spaniel (Tan) T-shirt

Cocker Spaniel (Dark) T-shirt

German Shepherd T-shirt

A Few more Cocker Spaniel Information Sites for all of you Spaniel Fans out there. :)

Breeding Cocker Spaniels
Cocker Spaniel Clubs
Spaniel Clubs
american cocker spaniels
Basic Guide To The American Cocker Spaniel

More cocker spaniel pictures coming soon

Cocker Spaniel
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Do you like Beanie Babies? I do, so join me at the following websites to see all that the Ty company has to offer:
Beanbag Collectibles site on AOL

Beanbag chat room via AOL

The official Beanie Babies List on the internet

Beanbag Collectibles Message Boards on AOL

For wolf information, statistics and photos, please access the following web site........

The Hybrids Realm

I hope you enjoyed your visit
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jablonski MORGAN HORSE

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