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I've been collecting insulators on & off for years. But the the day I took two brookfields off of my house after a windy late spring thunderstorm when the storm took the lines down to the garage I was hooked again. There is something mytsical about those colored glass jewels. Sentinels of the wire. If they could talk imagine the stories they could tell. I'm allways trying to add more!!! Just added to my collection Drum roll!! CD 145 H.G.C.O. [140] in Hemingray Blue the color is Stunning! How do I know its hemi blue I took some CD 106's in Known hemi blue set them all together did the ole insulator coconut trick & almost lost it in a sea of hemi blue so needless to say I'm a pretty happy Glassaholic. Does it end you ask I say NEVER!

Really Kinda of a pretty color. Nice Hemi blue's are a rare color for [140] in H.G.C.O. beehive

What do I collect

Well this is a hard one. They all fascinate me but the CD145s & CD143s (The Beehives) are my favorites in all colors& embossings. So I'm allways on the lookout for them. I'm also fond of the CD257s & CD125s WU/Hemingray. Ok I'll tell the truth I'd collect them all if I could:) My daughter & two sons also have small collections & my wife just shakes her head :)But really I specialize in CD 145s & CD 143s. A fellow collector stopped by one day walked in & said Hummm Are you trying to corner the market in beehives Hehehhe. I said no I'm just kinda fond of them thats all. My primary collection consists of CD 145's (The Beehives) about 220 for now. Colors range from a deep yellow green [190]Brookfield 145 ,Medium Hemi blue in a [100] H.G.C.O. to various shades of purple , sage, Blues , Peach , Yellow, with the Canadian glass & always looking for more I love hunting wild glass. I'm also a Mentor on ICON "Thanks for the Great page John.

My Wife just ran off with my favorite Insulator & now I miss it!

Hobbies & Hobbies

When I'm not walking the tracks looking for glass. I'm photographing trains. Yes i'm a railfan. Insulators & trains. Is there anything else!!! So if your wanting locomotive photos. They are for sale or trade. Most of my photos are action shots.Some of my favorites are the Santa Fe Dash9s in the warbonnet colors & the Dash9 Bnsf Pumpkin. They are very stunning just sitting still after all they do weigh over 500,000 Lbs & a top speed of 72mph well thats US freight speed anyway. Who knows the speed they run through the deserts of the SW. Green block & throttle open. Standing next to the tracks (Keep in mind the Saftey factor)& shooting pictures is Quite a rush & Hey after all I'm outside :)Not in studio. If you look very closely at the photo below you can see the heat plume from the Exhust

BNSF#4712 Dash9-44CW in warbonnet colors. Mainlining with her load

Canadian National Dash9 #2579 & her sisters. Orders cut & heading west out of Grand Crossing. LaCrosse, WI

Some of my other hobbies include. Blacksmithing. I've been smithing for about 3 yrs. So If you want to trade some glass for some custom iron work just E-mail me. I make many different syles of plant ,birdhouse & hummingbird feeder hangers. I also make S hooks & fire pokers for fireplaces. I'm also designing a insulator bracket to use on my front porch for a outside display. So stay posted:)

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