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This is me and Ben in
front of  the USS Enterprise
These pages are going to be about me and my husband Ben.  We have been married for almost 7yrs  years and have a little min pin - Harley.  And also a little miniature dachshund named Casie.
Ben is a Nuclear Engineer (MM1 or 1st Class Petty Officer) in the Navy and is stationed on the USS Enterprise (CVN-65). He deployed May (1999) for a 6 month deployment in the Persian Gulf and Med. Sea.  They stopped in Souda Bay, (Crete), Greece; Antayla, Turkey; Jebal Ali in the United Arab Emirates; Trieste and Livorno, Italy; Cannes, France and Jebal Ali again for a few days.  They did not be make any more port visits before heading to Mayport, FL for half a day to pick up the Tigers, and then heading home.  The USS Kitty Hawk  relieved them. The ship itself was not involved in the Kosovo airstrikes (Operation Allied Forces) but, the Enterprise battlegroup was involved. 
That was his first 6 month deployment and the longest we have ever been apart.  I missed him a lot, but I am very proud of him and his shipmates for the great job they did participating in Operation Desert Fox!! 
I went to Italy for a week to see him while he was on his deployment, but it still seemed like a long time.  And it was very hard to leave him again.  We had a lot of fun though, and it was nice to be able to break up the length of time a little bit.
Ben had his second deployment April 2001 trhough November 2001. I am added another deployment page onto the one already made, to keep everyone up to date, with pictures, info, etc!  The ship made 6 port stops before participating in Operation Enduring Freedom ! I am went to see Benj at their Portugal port stop and had a great time! Recently the ship participated in airstrikes against Iraq.  All jets returned safely!   After being the first to launch airstrikes in Operation Enduring Freedom..... The ship is now home!  They were out over 6 1/2 months. I have set up some homecoming pics,, the link is on the Deployment Page.
Benj just recently advanced to 1st class petty officer and was named duty section leader and lead petty officer!!  Yay Benj!!  :o)  And the latest is Ben got Engineering Sailor of the Year, and placed 2nd for Engineering Sailor of the Year for the Atlantic Fleet!! The ship is has now returned from  its 2003/2004 deployment.  Ben has oficially checked off the ship and is now working on the base at SIMA!

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