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This is a Genealogy site with a focus on Writings about our WI Pioneer Times, the way it really was!


Crawford Co., WI in the early 1900s. Neil Duncan Greene, my father, had a sense of humor that developed over 42 years of teaching school, from one room country schools to administrator of a 2 year college. I will publish from time to time some of his historically accurate "scribblings", as mom referred to them. With these scribblings I will add some of my own as well as pictures of many of the people that are the subjects of each IRISH RIDGE WRITING. All are historically accurate! I hope you enjoy.

In 1999

Tompkins and Elizabeth McGrath Green Descendants Reunion!
"Any and All descendants of Tompkins and Elizabeth Green"
First reunion in nearly 100 years

A reunion "Thank you"!

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