It is my pleasure to present my page !!! I loved creating this page and will include lots of neat things here !!! It has always been my dream to create a Family History page....I hope this grows to a huge site with lots of information for you all !!!
I will have a links page and will try to get some search engines here for you you can do some look-ups from here too !!! Also planned is a messageboard for you to locate some of your family. I am a webpage designer and have some Genealogy graphics sets for you ...for now anyway. Hope you like these!!! You may use them but please provide a link back here !!!

You can use this image to link back here to :

~**~Backgrounds for Family History~**~

Revolutionary Background #1

Revolutionary Background #2

Civil War Background #1

Family History Background #1

Below are listed family group pages for my family history

My pedagree charts are started...if you would like to look !!!

~**~Pedagree chart # 1~**~

~**~Pedagree chart #2 ~**~

~**~Pedagree chart #3~**~

I found some census sites you will love...

~**~Census Forms to print out 1790-1920~**~

~**~Census Online~**~

Do your own SSDI (Social Sec Death index) search with the link below....

~**~Social Security Death Index Search~**~

Do a search with Gensearch...thanks to Genealogy Online

~**~Search Here~**~

Click on the above graphic to go to my main page and home of my Victorian graphics !!! I have a victorian and geneaolgy messageboard and lots of things !!! Have fun !!!

I am a proud member of this "new" group of web graphics designers!!!

The Association of American Boyers

I am a member of The Association of American Boyers...and have been for awhile. Long before I was ever online. If you would like info on joining or would like to order the HUGE volumes of the family history you may go there and e-mail for the information and addresses ect. This Association is very old, with reunions dating back to 1915...the first editions date that far back also!!!

~**~Sign Guestbook~**~

~**~View Guestbook~**~

Family forum Messageboards~*~

~**~Boyer family forum messageboard~**~

~**~Rossiter family forum messageboard~**~

~**~Links to Resources~**~

My Favorites Resource Page

~**~PA marriages by Rev John C Stoever 1700's~**~

~**~A Rossiter History~**~

Very interesting reading for Rossiter researchers!!!

Rossiter Notes...

~**~Chandler Family History~**~

Hope this helps some Chandler searchers!!!

~**~Chandlers to Jamestown 1609~**~

Follow the Chandler family group sheets to Jamestown Virginia

Special Topics Resources

States Resources Index

Please bear with me while I get all the links on the States table....there are some there now, but not many.

Ships passenger lists...including actual list links

Virginia Ship lists 1620-1729

~**~List of the Dead in the Massacre of 1622~**~

Acquinton Church Cemetery...King William Co,Va

~**~Prince George Co, Virginia Record Book "B" 1693-1713~**~

~*~Prince George Co Muster Roll-Civil War~*~

~**~German Words List~**~

Prince George Co,Va Genealogy

~**~PA Ships Lists from 1727-1738~**~


Don't miss this one...well worth your time!!!

~**~An abstract from a book I own first published in 1669 called "The New Englands Memorill"~**~

...If you are desendant from any of the Plymouth Colony settlers and would like a brief profile of your ancestor...I will try to e-mail you the information if I can locate it in the book.The book covers a 40 year period from te 1620's to the 1660's.

This book is great...but it's written in old English. So bare with me while I continue to abstract the Genealogy information from it. Also provided are links to ships list that are mentioned in the book...ANNE, FORTUNE so far... and others coming soon.

If you have hit a "brick wall" in looking for your roots...try the Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness page for help.

You can e-mail me at:

I can be paged at ICQ # 10581576...if you need something or just want to talk!!!

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