My father, the reason these pages are possible, passed away September 7, 1999. My sisters and I would appreciate you stopping by our family's tribute to Floyd M. Wells and Helen Marie Wells.

Ancestors of Virginia Lisa Wells

Welcome to the home site of my family. These pages are the results of many years spent and thousands of miles traveled by my father, Floyd Martin Wells. He began this journey back in the 1960ís, digging through piles of papers and microfilm, in dozens of Courthouses and LDS research centers, and visiting cousins upon cousins and searching cemeteries across the country, scouring gravestones.
My aim is to have this information be of help to anyone researching the same family lines, and entertain and educate with some of the stories, letters and wills passed down the generations. Perhaps, when reading the wills, you will stop to ponder how in the scope of human rights, we have come so very far, and as a people, we have a very long way to go.
Hopefully, some of you can help me by adding information to my family lines.The program Iím using to log the information is Sierra Generations Delux.

Floyd Martin Wells

Fatherís Side Surnames

Abner,Adkins, Akin(Atkins), Alexander Anderson, Andruss, Ariola, Asher, Bailey, Baker[1][2][3], Baldwin, Barger, Barlow, Barnes, Barton, Bayless, Begley, Bell, Biffle, Billings, Bishop[1][2], Black, Bledsoe, Boddie, Boggs Bonner, Bowling, Boyd, Brenner, Brewer, Brewster, Britton, Brown, Bullock, Burns, Butcher, Camp, Capps, Carter, Cates, Cauthron, Chandler, Christmas, Clark, Collins, Cowles, Cox, Crawford, Crook, Cruce, Davidson, Davis, Deavers, Depew Duckworth, Edens, Edmondson, Evans, Fink, Frazier, Garrett, Gatlin, Gay, Gibbs, Gilley, Glenn, Gore, Gorsline, Graham, Green, Griffin, Grimes, Hacker, Hall, Hayes, Hayworth, Mings, Hensley[1][2], Herron, Hibbard, Hide, Hignite, Holmes, Holt, Holtzman, Horton, Huggins, Hulsey, Hunley, Jett[1][2], Johnson, Jones[1][2], Kay, Keith, Kemp, Lacy, Lambert, Lambright, Land, Laremon, Lasiter, Leatherwood, Leslie, Linthicum, Lurain, Mabery, Mahler, Marrow, Martin[1][2], Mayberry, Mayfield, McCaffity, McCarty, McDonald, McGee, McIntosh, McKizick, Meeks, Merrill, Midkiff, Miller, Morris Morrison, Musgrove, Neel, Neighbors, Outlaw, Owen, Owens, Parks, Pharr, Phillips, Plumlee, Ramsey, Rash, Ratliff, Rawls, Rea, Reagan, Richards, Richmond, Roach[1][2], Robertson, Robinson, Rockwell, Roden, Roof, Rowland, Sams(Sames), Savage, Shelley, Sheppard, Simes, Sizemore, Smith[1][2], Stanford, Stanley, Stephenson, Stevens, Stone, Tarrant, Teague, Teakell, Thomas, Underwood[1][2], Varnon, Walker, Ware, Watson, Webb, Welch, Williams, Wilson, Wisecarver, Woods, Young

Helen Marie (Yule) Wells

Motherís Side Surnames

Amsden, Ashman, Baker, Barnard, Barret, Baxter, Bevis, Binam, Blackburn, Brawford(Braughford), Bruno, Burton, Clark, Cole, Compton, Cowling, Curry, Doerr, Early, Garrett, Ginger, Ginger-Drumm, Givens, Goetz, Grammer, Green[1] [2], Hamps, Haugaard, Hogan, Hubbs, Hughes, Jenkins, Jennings, Johnson, Kiel, Lacey, Lane[1][2], Ledbetter, Lorenz, MacGowan, Martin, McCall, McMurphy, Mead, Messler, Murray, Neal, Nausley, Ozee, Pafson, Partain, Patton, Phelps, Popov, Rex, Rice, Sharp, Simpson, Stacy, Story, Sutton, Tonner, Turner, Walker, Williams, Winters, Woods, Yule

The following links are the different pages of my family tree that you can visit. Each link is a descendant line or history. Or you can use the Surname List to go directly to the name you are looking for. Remember to use the Edit/Find button in the menu at the top of your server. Itís a great time saver.

Direct Descendant Lines
Davis/Stone/Wells Miller/Burns/Webb/Martin McCarty/Boddie/Smith Robinson/Akin Brown/Young Yule/Clark/Martin Blackburn/Hughes Hubbs/Barnard Winters/Barret Rex/Winters Lane

More Descendant Lines of Charles Burns Sr.
Alexander Burns Sr. William Burns Sr.

More McCarty Descendant Lines
W. Thompson McCartyBenjamin Franklin McCarty
Early McCartyJames McCarty

Family Histories and Wills
Bailus Burns' Will Charles Burns Sr. Will
John Burns Jr. Deed of Gift John Burns Jr. Will
Merry Webb Sr. Will Letters of Mrs. Parthania Burns
Letter from John Robinson Robinson Family History
"Fighting Joe" Robinson York Family Stories
The Yule-Stevenson Connection
Letter #1 from Robert James Yule
Letter #2 from Robert James Yule

Family Photo Album

Comments, Questions always welcome, be nice, Iím no computer wiz. And, remember, this site is always under construction, with your help.

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