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        Welcome to my web site.   I'm Matt Johnson,  film critic for Metro Networks in Detroit, MI.      Here you can download pictures from current films,  read transcripts of my broadcast reviews and connect to studio web sites.   Eventually you will be able to listen to my reviews along with sound bites from interviews with actors, directors and producers.   We are still working on reducing the size of the audio files to make loading them faster.

        Currently, the Gallery is featuring photos from "The Avengers."   Just click on the Gallery button to get there and use the Home button to bring you back here.   Go ahead, try it now.   I'll wait.   Be sure to read my review of this and other films in the Reviews section.

        If you enjoy film festivals,  the Toronto International Film Festival should interest you.   I go every year to see premieres of movies and interview the cast and directors.   Go to the Links page to get connected to this and other sites.   No matter where you go you can always get back here by clicking the Home button.   The Geoguide banner at the top of this page will allow you to rate my site and send this page to a friend. Let me know what you think so far and include any ideas to make it better.

        Visit my companion site,  "SILVER SCREEN MEMORIES".     You can get there by clicking on the highlighted title.   That site is dedicated to classic films and will have a different theme each time it is updated.   Please bookmark both of these web sites and visit often. You can e-mail me at ""


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