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Last Update: March, 2004.  The body work is finally done!

The Bronco is all back together and running fairly well. I just need to get some exhaust work done to get it to pass inspection. However funding is a little short right now so who knows when I'll get that done

After about 4 long months I brought the new and improved Bronco back from the body shop.  The Mary Kay mobile is no has been transformed into a "Bumble-Bee Bronco."  (and it does look good if I don't say so myself)

My Original Bronco:

My new and improved Bronco:  Click here to see my new bronco Things accomplished thus far: Things to accomplish before I can drive it: Long term plans for the Bronco: More to come as the the project slowly moves forward!

I have many parts for sale.  The sheet metal is listed on my for sale page.  If you need anything else, just e-mail me and I'll see if I have what you need (I don't have any differentials, transmission, or engine parts.

Pictures of my bronco:
The Original Bronco
Before and After

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