Camaro SS - Front Right View

My 1996 Camaro SS 396

Camaro SS Rear Closeup

This is the view most people see of my Camaro...If you want to see more feel free to click on some of the thumbnails. Follow the Modifications link to see what I have done to the car so far and what I have planned for the future. Yes it does not only look fast it is fast... follow the Dyno link to see some of my Dyno runs... or the Time Slip link to see how she does on the 1320 ft amusement ride. I spend alot of my time communicating with other Camaro owners, check out my links page to some great sites and home pages. 
Camaro SS - Side View
Camaro SS - Front View
Camaro SS - Left Side View
Camaro SS - Rear View
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