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This site was updated 08-19-2005.............

Well I am up to 197 cars purchased in 8 years. I currently own



Here is a list of the cars FOR SALE or PENDING: ALSO > you can view some of these cars at ...


This list of cars for sale UPDATED 01-16-04 Click on the links if there is one for pics of the cars..

84 SE $50 rolling chassis. No title. Email for details!
86 SE $300 Red auto. 2.8 engine is blown. Slight body damage. Slightly stripped. TX title.
86 SE $450 Red auto. 2.8 engine, wont start, slight body damage. No Title
86 GT $1000 White Bad motor, unknown automatic, Fascia damage..... TX title
87 coupe $600 Silver 4 banger 5 speed. Needs timing gears. Nice project car. Texas title.
87 GT $1250 Med Red, auto, blown motor, never wrecked. MO title
88 coupe $1200 Red Automatic, motor blown, Texas Title
88 coupe $1200 Yellow 5 speed, 108k runs and drives. 16" wheels. Texas Title
88 coupe $1200 Red automatic, 103k runs and drives. Texas Title.
88 coupe $1200 Red 1992 3800 NA with TH125c trans. 57k on chassis, 32k on motor. Texas Title
88 Formula $800 Red/Yellow V6, automatic, will run with fuel pump replacement. This has been wrecked in the front end. Texas Title
88 GT $2500 Med Red, 5 speed, sunroof, power everything, leather seats, runs and drives some, needs motor, 121k VA Title This car has Koni struts, momo steering wheel. The engine was overheated, but will run and drive. Trans shifts great.


86 SE $100 Silver 5 speed V6 car. Motor locked up. Heavily stripped of body parts. Texas Title. PARTS CAR
86 SE $50 was gold, was V6, was automatic, very wrecked and destroyed. NO title. PARTS CAR
86 GT $400 Red whats left, motor runs and moves still. Good title. PARTS CAR
86 GT $1000 Red Runs and moves, Automatic. REBUILT chassis very poorly, SALVAGE title.
86 GT $1000 Black Blown motor, auto, been slightly wrecked. No title PARTS CAR
86 GT $1000 Black Blown motor, GETRAG, not wrecked. No title PARTS CAR
87 GT $600 Black. Highly striped but fastback clip and motor still there. Runs. PARTS CAR
87 coupe $100 Frame and some body parts. NO Title. Was a 4 cylinder car.
88 coupe $800 Silver Auto, lightly stripped. Motor runs. Texas title.
88 coupe $800 Red automatic, wont run. NO Title.
88 Formula $800 White, automatic, burned to the chassis, Texas Title PARTS CAR
88 Formula $250 Black automatic. Coming apart now. No title. PARTS CAR $18,650 in value to here for one money $14,000...

I will build your V8 conversion for you. I also install the 3.8SC and 3.4 motors. Prices as follows, but are subject to change.

Install a 3.4 camaro motor to an existing V6 Fiero automatic. $2800. This does include the 3.4 engine with less than 60K miles. Upgrades are available.

Install a 3.8SC GTP motor to any Fiero. $6800 automatic (TH440), $6800 for manual (stock exhaust, No AC). This does include the motor with less than 50K miles. Upgrades are available. (headers, 4T60e, 4T65eHD)

Install a V8 TPI 350 motor to any Fiero. $6000. This does include a reman 350 2 bolt main motor using V8 Archie's master kit. The water pump system however will be electric.


Engines and Kits For Sale :

1998 3.8 SC 0 miles $6000 Mods>IC, CAM, ceramic coatings, ported, ZZP blower
1997 3.8 SC 60k miles $1000 with a PCM is $1200
1992 3.8 NA 30k miles (some parts missing) $300
1995 3.4 65k miles $650 (drilled for Fiero)
1995 3.4 56k miles $800 (drilled for Fiero)
1988 3.3 Brand New, rebuilt on a 88 block $3400
1986 2.8 GT engine 106k needs rebuilt $300

Transmissions for sale :

GETRAG 75k from a 87 GT $800
TH125c Automatic with 44K from a 86 GT $300 (ratio is 3.33) $250

Sold Cars in 2003

87 GT $1500 Med Red. 5 Speed GETRAG. Rear body damage only, needs trans. Texas Title. Wilbur in KS
87 SE $6800 Silver, 3800 SuperCharged, GETRAG 5 speed, no engine mods, some rust in trunk. Indiana Title Wilbur in KS
88 GT $3500 Red, automatic, sunroof, power everything, cloth seats, runs and drives, 123k Texas Title Sold to Anslemo in CA
87 GT $4200 Blue (nice paint) 2.8 engine, GETRAG 5 speed, nice interior. Engine Mods: Painted blue, CAI, centerforce clutch. 17" Konig wheels. Colorado Title. Sold to Sean in NE

Motors/Transmissions sold in 2003

3.8 kit complete (wiring, axles, mounts, headers) $2000 Harold in Cleburne
1998 3.8 SC transmission 4T65eHD 32k miles $1250 Harold in Cleburne
1988 2.8 GT engine 70k $800 Sold and installed in Tony's 87 GT
1998 3.8 SC 5k miles $2000 with PCM is $2200, with wiring $2400 Dennis in WI Cars purchased in 2003:

87 GT 5 speed from Tony in CO
86 SE automatic from Harold in TX
88 Formula from Charles in MI

Sold cars in 2002 !

86 SE $400 Red automatic V6, lightly wrecked, runs and drives. No title. Paris Texas
86 GT $1500 Red 5 speed GETRAG, runs but clutch is out. No title. Greg in NRH Texas
87 coupe $600 SE V6, bad motor, factory blue (but white now) Some body parts missing, Texas Title. Darrel in Cleburn Texas
88 coupe $1000 Red 5 speed, lightly wrecked. Runs and drives. Texas title in my name. Hiebeania LA. Kit car
88 coupe $1000 Red 5 speed, wont run. Texas Title. Hiebeania LA. Kit car
85 GT automatic to Greg in NRH Texas ...
86 SE $800 Black, silver nose. V6 automatic. Runs and drives a little. ID title. Lee in Plano Texas
86 SE coupe $1200 Black Automatic, runs and drives. Texas Title Del in Plano Texas.
88 Formula $1800 Red Automatic, runs...rebuilt motor, no brakes. Texas Title. Brian in Plano Texas
88 Formula $4000 Maroon Automatic V6 3.2 (16k miles), TTOPS with code CJB, poly bushings, Dextar in The Colony. Thanks!
88 Formula $3000 White automatic, runs and drives 125k on the meter.
86 GT $1000 Black Good motor, bad automatic, chassis was repaired at some time..... AZ title TO Jeff in Plano Texas ..........
87 GT $1500 Med Red, auto, blown transmission, never wrecked, Rebuilt 2.8 engine with 22k. TX title To Bill in Plano Texas
87 GT $1500 Med Red. 5 Speed GETRAG. Never wrecked, needs muffler, and paint. Texas Title. To Lee in Frisco Texas
88 GT $9000 White, Automatic (4T60e), Engine 3800 Series II, Digital Dash, chromed engine, show car! FL Title. To Chris in Washington State!
85 GT $5200 Red 4 speed (M17)transmission 3800SC engine. Florida title! Carl in Wylie, TX
86 SE $1200 Gold 4 speed. Bad Motor. Performance sound. Texas Title. Larry in Frisco Texas
85 GT $800 Silver Automatic (MX1)transmission Arkansas title! Mike in North Richard Hills :)
86 SE $800 Black automatic 4 banger, runs and drives very nice. Texas Title. SOLD to Del in Farmers Branch
87 GT $?000 Silver (nice paint) NEW 3.2 engine, automatic, nice interior. Sold as TURNKEY car. Texas Title. Jacob in Ft Worth
85 SE $800 white automatic Texas title. Huang in Plano.
85 GT $800 White 4 speed with 3.83(M17)transmission. Never wrecked. Harold in Cleburn Tx
88 coupe $1000 Black 5 speed, stripped. Motor runs. Kitcar in LA.
88 coupe $1000 Black 5 speed, motor blown, No title Kitcar in LA.
87 GT $2500 Blue car! 3.1 engine, 5 Speed GETRAG. Never wrecked. nice interior, runs fair. OH Title. To Sam in Houston.
88 GT $4200 White, 5 speed GETRAG, RS concept wheels, sunroof, power everything, cloth seats, runs and drives, 130k Texas title. Ebay to NM

Motors/Transmissions sold in 2002

1995 3.4 5k miles $1250 (drilled for Fiero) went to CA
3.8 SC 32k miles $1250 went to NE
3.8 SC 48k miles $1250 with a PCM and wiring is $1400 went to TX
3.4 1995 Camaro motor 43k miles (starter drilled for Fiero) $800 to TX
3.4 1995 Camaro motor 95K miles (starter drilled for Fiero) $800 to OK
3.4 1994 Camaro motor 48K miles (starter drilled for Fiero) $800 to OH
Built a 3.4 up for customer in WeatherFord Texas.
Installed a 3.4 in 87 GT for customer in Bedford Texas.
SOLD 4 speed 4.10 ratio from a 84 SE 73k miles $150
SOLD GETRAG 80k from a 88 GT $600
1987 2.8 GT engine 6k miles block only $200 includes shipping UPS.
1999 3.8 SC 6k miles $2000 with PCM is $2200 With wiring $2400 Steve in FL
1998 3.8 SC 32k miles $1500 with a PCM is $1700 Kieth in TX

Cars purchased in 2002:

86 GT black

87 GT Med Red

87 GT Med Red

88 coupe white
87 GT blue

88 GT white
86 SE gold
84 SE rolling chassis

88 coupe black
87 GT silver
85 GT Red 4 speed
85 GT silver automatic
86 SE black

87 GT Med Red 178k 5 speed
87 coupe silver 103k 5 speed
86 GT white 110k auto
87 GT Black 52k auto

86 GT red 4 speed
88 GT white 5 speed

88 coupe silver 5 speed
85 GT white 4 speed

85 SE white 4 banger auto
88 GT red auto

88 GT Med Red 5 speed
87 GT Med Red 5 speed

88 Yellow coupe 5 speed

Cars sold in 1998-1999...CLICK HERE
Cars sold and purchased in 2000 ......CLICK HERE
Cars sold and purchased in 2001 .......  CLICK HERE


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