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Hi folks, I have moved to this site to provide fellow internet junkies better help.
By the way, I have finally bought the Sony CLIE NR70V, and two weeks later found out they are bringing the NEW NX out. Damn.. ! ohhh well... !

Programming Information ________________

I have had many requests to other applications, especially to convert from datebook to csv. Here is an application : dtbk2csv
There is also a pretty good datebook format info on Nico's page
All the programming has been done on NT using the Cygnus package with ming support.
I used Elvisa vi clone for windows to do the editing.

The CONVDB Project... ________________

The CONVDB project is complete! No more releases are planned.
Read the Readme

I am releasing the source code in this release. I hope you make good use of it. Please keep me posted, if you have any new importers or interfaces built. I'd love to know if my code has grown :-)

Thanks for all the help, support and kudos you've all sent.

Download CONVDB

EXPENSES Converter ________________

Converter galore! Hey, I haven't been using my pilot expense because I had to type the stupid thing into my MSMONEY anyway! (I apologize for that -M- word). Well, day before yesterday I decided to do something about it.

I found that msmoney could import QIF files -- Quicken Interchange Format. It turns out that QIF is a simple text file with very simple structure. Also, I found out that pilot desktop expense creates a text file - expense.txt, which contains all that I need to know. So, I created an awk script and when I run it it creates files per account I specified. Oops! what the heck is 'awk'? well its not a spelling mistake, it is another unix toy (see where NT, 95 et al fail? tools! dammit! tools!).

What it does is that it takes a file and pretty much looks for a pattern -- a string of characters, and runs a specified process on the line of input when it is matched. This however is a very simplistic explanation.

Onward to the downloads!


Phone Alpha->num converter ________________

This is a tiny CBASPAD application to convert from alphabetic phone numbers to numeric phone numbers. Operation is simple, it converts the clipboard text into numeric and writes it back into the clipboard. So steps would be:
  1. Write number in alpha-numeric format. It can contain  any non-alpha-numeric characters, such as -, (, ), etc.
  2. Highlight text and copy.
  3. Go to Cbaspad and run the alpha->num converter.
  4. Come back to the same application
  5. Highlight same number as before
  6. Paste clipboard - now containing numeric string - on top of the original.
It is slightly long winded, but it is my solution.
Oh, and of course you need cbaspad to run the basic program.

Size: ~1Kb
Download Alpha->Num converter


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