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A salute to Jimi Hendrix's Life and work.

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"You can leave if you want, we're just jammin'."

Welcome! Thank you for coming to my homepage.  This page will be one of the many dedicated to one of the greatest and most innovated guitarists that ever lived, Jimi Hendrix. Below I will have sound files, tablature, pictures and other things, all dedicated to Hendrix. Thank you for coming here!

Some Sound Files! Click the notes to play. If you don't have an .au player, get one Here

This is the intro to Purple Haze

This is the Star Spangled Banner

'Scuse me, while I kiss the Sky

Rainy Day, Dream Away bite

These Files are not on my site, but the links to them still work.

Hey Joe (1.6Megs)

Purple Haze (1.4Megs)

All Along The Watchtower (1.9Megs)

More where that came from!

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