Quest for Evil

One variant of playing the Quest for Glory games is to try and be as bad, dishonest, selfish, rude as you can be and yet complete the games successfully. The freedom and flexibility of the design and gameplay as well as the inherent dark side to the Thief character, not only makes it very possible but enjoyable in a perverse way. Hey, it's better to be EVIL in a game than in real life!

This extremely thorough list was compiled by with help from many longtime FACS board members like Encyclopedia Salesman, Perdita, F.A., Hoopyfroodcat, Leonardo 007, SunTzu, Lil Mage, burner, Breany, and csavio. All of these actions have been reasonably tested to ensure that they don't interfere in the completion of the games. However, if you find any inaccuracies, or have other evil deeds to report, send them here.

A Word of Warning: This list presumes a good knowledge of the games and contains major spoilers from every episode. It is recommended that you read this only after you've completed each of the games at least once.

Evil Deeds Common to All QFG Episodes

Evil Deeds in QFG1: So You Want to Be a Hero?

Evil Deeds in QFG2: Trial By Fire

Evil Deeds in QFG3: Wages of War

Evil Deeds in QFG4: Shadows of Darkness

Evil Deeds in QFG5: Dragon Fire

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