Hi I'm Foldog aka. Jason Foley.
I know what you are thinking but this isn't some dumb "look it's me" web page. If you are here to see some major anime than you have come to the right place, just stay away from Jason and you will be o.k., but if you are curious about me by the end of your trip than feel free to stop in here

Let's see... what to say, what to say? I don't know, I pretty much am at a loss for words right now. For any of you who happen by here, and care at all, I've lost my job recently, I'm in debt up to my neck, and my life sucks, but then how many of you out there can really say that they love everything about your own life? Oh-well, we'll see what happens. Maybe I will get another job here soon and things will turn around for me. I haven't had the time to do anything really with the page in the last 2 months here so everything is probably the same from when you last visited. Sorry

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Please come back soon and visit me.
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