reaching out and encouraging lesbians and gay men to share their pride and creativity

sexuality is God's good gift

the Bible tells me

it is crazy to say gay sex is wrong

is Tinky Winky gay?


1 Corinthians 6: 8-11

good news

literal lies

unnatural acts

the sacred and the queer

coming out

finding cause for homosexuality not as important as learning to accept it

The courage, insight, and integrity of Evelyn Hooker

sexual abuse of men and boys

HIV: the facts

ending hate crimes conference 2002

Exodus Condemns Violence against Gays

Hate violence toward gays is totally unbiblical

Is sodomy in the manse God's will?

corrupt priests

Essays on Desire and Democracy

attitudes and perceptions

queer links

search zine using frames and javascript - try it

queer reflections on sexuality and faith

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"Opinions energetically propagated and spurious facts diligently disseminated color the thinking of the people, and not only the uneducated. The intellectual is deceived as easily as the untutored by sanctimonious professions that conform to the moral code of time and place and flatter the feeling of self-righteousness." Franz Boas, 1927

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