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Frankfurt Am Main

The Family


The Ludwig, Gerhardt and Schreiner families came from different areas of Germany: Hesse-Darmstadt (mostly Rodheim vor der Höhe), Bavaria and Saxony (Zeitz?).   If you think you may have a connection to us, let me know so we can share information.

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My family today is me and my girls: Abby and Teddydog5-i.gif (1160 bytes).  I also have another family and after much research and a lot of luck and outside help I have detailed this family on the following pages.

My cousin Betty Ludwig Schneider and I, are researching the Ludwig, Gerhardt and Schreiner branches of our family.   I also want to give credit to other researchers I've met on the web who have been very helpful and shared information. They are Bob Lamparter, Ken Frentzel and my 'new' cousins Rob Schulze, Steve Watts, Don Lottes, Bruce Boehme/Olinda Fassald Boehme, Randy Boeller, Rodney Pensel, Kathy Harris Lund, Drew Whitler, Jan Evan Whitler, Marilyn Hoeh Schlueter, Shirley Holtman Sturgeon, Don Clark, Donna Blank Springs, Betty Blank,  Rich Schreiner, Linnet Dean, Joan Gerhardt, Carola Faulstroh Tengler in Austria, Sandi Boehme Hrovatin, Kathryn Jeffries Scott, Debbie Fisher, Mike Ford, Carol Schaefer Bruhl, Martine Busz in Driebergen, Holland and Karl-Adolph Westerwald from Germany.  A very special thanks to Ruth Kasten who has done so much research for us in Cape Girardeau and Perryville. Also a very special thanks to my cousin in Germany who has done so much work, Gabrielle Wiechert.


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Rodheim, Hessen Germany
(Rodheim vor der Höhe)
near Frankfurt am Main

Our research took us back to Rodheim, Nieder-Rosbach, Oberrosbach, Burgholzhausen, Ober-Widdersheim Hessen Germany where the families of

Ludwig, Faulstroh, Dettler, Busz,  Röck/Roeck, Hoffman, Hensel, Oleÿ/Ohley, Schreiner, Werheim, Hess, Blecher, Schneider, Gass, Köbel/Koebel, Köster/Koester
, Müller/Mueller, Brand,
Will, Wall, Biedekapp, Schraid, Ritter, Jacobi, Chelius, Kappes
, Werner, Sattler, Stetzer, Selzer, Schaefer, Wiehn, Uberig, Grill, Justemer, Jost, Kludel, Kleeberger, Strassheimer, Baser, Diehl,
Reinhardt, Winter, Becker, Bruder, Binck, Holl, Schuermann

all lived and married.

Two families, the Ludwigs and the Schreiners, came to Old Appleton, MO USA

Johannes Caspar Ludwig
and his wife Marie Köbel along with Konrod Faulstroh and
his wife Margaretha Köster were born in the 1700's in Rodheim.

Their children, Conrad Ludwig and Margaretha Faulstroh, were married on March 28, 1829 in Rodheim.
Conrad was born in Rodheim February 28, 1806. 
Margaretha was born in Rodheim November 23, 1804. 

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The Ludwigs, Conrad, Margaretha and their children Caspar and Marie left Le Havre in April 1853 on the J.G. Costa. Their other son, Johannes, had emigrated in October, 1844 to Old Appleton, MO.  The Conrad Ludwigs arrived in New York on May 31, 1853.  They traveled to Old Appleton, Missouri (Cape Girardeau County) where they arrived on June 10, 1853. Unfortunately, Conrad and Margaretha died within weeks of their arrival. 

The Schreiners traveled from Rodheim, Germany to Cape Girardeau Co Missouri in 1837.  John Schreiner had married Catharina Oley in abt 1830 in Rodheim Germany.  They traveled to America with their children Phillip, Elizabeth and Catharine.  They subsequently had three more children born in Missouri:  John, Marie and Henry. 

Catharine Schreiner married Caspar Ludwig December 15, 1856 in Old Appleton, MO.

The Ludwig and Schreiner families, now united,
flourished and so the family grew in America

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The Gerhardt
and Leine family married in Germany and came to Missouri from
Bavaria and Saxony in abt 1853. 
Their daughter, Clara Gerhardt, married Herman Ludwig, the son of Catharina Schreiner and Caspar Ludwig, April 13, 1882 in Cape Girardeau Co. MO

The now united Ludwig and Gerhardt families took roots in  Missouri.

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Caspar and Catharine Schreiner Ludwig were my great great grandparents. 
Their son Herman Ludwig married my great grandmother Clara Gerhardt
Their daughter, Clara Antonie Ludwig, married my grandfather Fred J Probst.
Their daughter, Lorraine, married my father John T Mayhew
And because of these unions, I'm able to tell you the story of my Family

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Missouri Links

Germany Links

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Where the Families Lived

Rosbach-Rodheim, Rodheim vor der Höhe, Frankfurt-am-Main,Wöllstadt,
Freidberg, Geissen, Rodelheim, Ober Rosbach, Nieder Rosbach, Ober Widdersheim,
Marköbel, Burgholzhausen, Friedrichsdorf, Marköbel, Bad Homberg and many many more towns in Hessen
Zeitz Saxony, Bavaria, Prussia, Wurttemberg

Drierbergen, Groningen
Cape Girardeau, Perry, Bollinger and Scott Counties
Old Appleton, Perryville, Jackson, Cape Girardeau, Longtown, Altenburg, Arnsberg, Uniontown,
Friedheim, Brazeau, Wittenburg, Oak Ridge, Marble Hill, Fruitland, Whitewater, Frohna, Daisy,
Pocahontas, Shawneetown, New Wells, Tilsit, Millersville, Gordonville, Sedgewickville, Applecreek

(see Map of Perry and Cape Girardeau Counties)
St. Louis, St. Louis County, St. Charles

Madison, Macoupin, Randolph and Perry Counties
Alton, Chester, Virden, Carlinville, Nilwood, Red Bud, Belleville

And various other States and Countries, i.e. Arizona, California, Hawai, Maryland, New York, Arkansas, Texas, Indiana, Colorado, Wisconsin, Washington, Austria,  Germany etc.

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Index of Names
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The Family

The Ludwigs   The Schreiners
The Gerhardts   The Probst &Fleisch Families


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Sharon Mayhew Teeslink
Betty Ludwig Schneider

contributions from:

Everett Ludwig
Lorraine Probst Mayhew
Maureen Mohr Miller
Marie Pfeffer Mohr
Gene Schneider


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