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After nearly a year of being deluged with requests from collectors wanting to know where to go to pick up new Original Finish and/or Original Sculptures (or Artists Resins), we decided to move this section from the ALES Oval Office and give it it's own space. Hence the birth of this page.

If you have an OS resin longear or exotic that you're pushing, consider announcing it here. Just forward product info directly to us, along with a pix of said model, and I will post it free of charge. If you know of an Original Finish longear or exotic model that is currently available to collectors but not listed here, again please feel free to drop us a quick email about it as well. We want to be as thorough as possible & help collectors add to their collections at the same time.

Personal saleslists & regular Customized models should not be listed here, but rather on the ALES Braynet Messageboard instead. (See Nav Bar atop this page).

For list of books, auction houses, clothing, & other general gifts like jewelry/stationary/ornaments/ rubberstamps/etc., please check out our Links Page section. (See Nav Bar atop this page).

Artist Resin/OS Alert!

Laurie Jo Jensen has a new SM size Saddle Mule available named "Molly Malone." This is a limited edition run of 40 pieces. Nearly sold out so hurry if you want one! Also, limited amount of the Diane Weeks Burro foal, Little Bit scale, sold thru LaurieJo. Interested parties should Email her at: jensenart@fea.net

Chris Jolly of Jahlee Designs likewise has a new SM size stock-type Saddle Mule named "WBP Maurice the Mild," in a limited run of approx. 50 pieces. Email her at: cjahlee@yelmtel.com

Bronze artist Candace Liddy of Stampede Resin Castings first unveiled "Flora," an adoreable Classic size Mule filly; then she followed that with a 50 resin zebra foal casting named appropriately, "Kitten Chow," meant as a companion piece to her earlier "Cat Food" Zebra mare resin. At Breyerfest 2000, she unveiled "Meow Mix," a zebra stallion in a biting/bucking pose with ears back and neck outstretched. Interested parties can Email her at: CMLIDDY@aol.com

Darian Buckles has come out with a SM sized gaited walking mule named "Boondoggle." Plans are for one mold edition of 70 pieces. Color viewing pix available at her website: www.arthorse.com/sales/darian/boondoggle.html
or email Darian at: dbuckles@venturalink.net

Kristina Lucas of the Pour Horse Pottery recently announced a gorgeous new mini ceramic Tarpan stallion to her new line named appropriately, "Nomad." It will be a limited edition of course and will only be offered to those already on her customer mailing list. Color viewing pix available at her website: http://www.pourhorse.com/

Late last year, Michelle Belisle-Locke of Magnar Studios casted an OS traditional size Large Standard Donkey jennet, "Cricket." This Limited Edition of 20 pieces is now completely sold out I am told. She does however have a website: http://home.sprintmail.com/~libbyl/mbl/Michelle.html
so bookmark this puppy to keep tabs on any new longear or exotic resins that might crop up.

The Kathleen Moody trotting Saddle Mule "Aristotle" and the SM Moody Mule "Socrates" resins have run their course I'm told, and are no longer available. The Candace Liddy resin Zebra, "Cat Food" however, is still available, but in very limited quantities. For more info, Email DaBar at: dabar1@aol.com or else visit their website: www.dabar1.com

Carol Herden of Carol's Original Works (C.O.W.S.) just came out with a third resin mule, "Banjo." A traditional sized Draft Mule, "Banjo" is offered in sorrel but various other colors are available at a small additional charge. This mule will be limited to 250 pieces. Also on the table is her lovely Mammoth Jack resin, available in black or brown. Other colors available for small additional charge. It is a limited edition of 100 pieces. Also on the table, a resin Zebra Mare & Foal set. Interested parties should contact Carol at: cows@globaldialog.com or else pay her website a visit: www.globaldialog.com/~cows/index.html

Lori Daniels of Crazyhorse Studios only has a few availble pieces left of her resin Percheron Draft Mule. "Roady" is traditional size in a limited edition of 20. In addition, a handful of her balking donkey resin "Amos" are still available. Interested parties should Email Lori at: CRAZYHORSEME@prodigy.net or visit her website: www.geocities.com/Paris/Rue/7006/

Diane Capwell of The Spotty Mule Factory has released a traditional sized saddle mule resin in a cutting position, available in both sculpted & haired mane and tails. Capwell is not online accessed yet interested parties will need to snail mail for more info on her "Bang-Up Betsy's." Diane Capwell, 40389 Hwy 41 #105, Oakhurst CA 93644

Linda York has a promising new stablemate scale resin saddle mule john in kewl western reining slide stop action! Christened "Toocass," you can view his photo and garner more info at her website: www.geocities.com/SoHo/Museum/8872/works.html

Karon Gorrie-Grieve of Dreamacres has decided to part with both her Original Sculpture Grants Zebra stallion, "Idyyl X-ing" and OS spotted Pony Mule "DA Johnny Mohawk." Both are one of a kind models for sale or trade for various models. Karon is especially interested in trading for an HR Adelaide Donk, an MBL Cricket donkey resin, or Moody Aristotle mule resin. Visit Karon's website: www.dreamacres.demon.co.uk or Email Karon at: karon@dreamacres.demon.co.uk

Original Finish Heads Up!

Word coming through the grapevine that the Hartland Company was recently bought outright and plans are to reintroduce the model line again. Among some of the molds that did not see production years ago when Steven Manufacturing first shut down, were the Friesian and Saddle Mule molds (both sculpted by hobby icon Kathleen Moody). It is hoped that previous rumors of those molds being partially destroyed are false, and that they will eventually see light on a whole new generation of collector shelves. So add this little website jewel to your list of fab bookmarks: www.hartlandcollectibles.com

Ertl has a wonderful traditional size Plains Zebra mare available through the Toys R Us chain. Only, you won't find it among the usual Breyers aisle. Look for them in the youngster (preschoolers) educational section or else visit this website: www.miscoe.com/~genestoys/toyshoppe/toys/c-zebra.htm

Classic size Mountain Zebra mare & foal by Safari Ltd. are still available from the Einstein Emporium dealer. So be sure to check out their website: www.einsteins-emporium.com/

Another Source for getting your hands on some Safari Ltd. plastic Zebra mare & foals: www.mzoo.com

And yes, one more online source for Safari Ltd. donks & mt. zebras! A Planet's Wild - www.planetswild.com

Also available from their Farm Animals line, a classic size scaled Donkey by Safari Ltd.

A fellow ALES member ran across one of these SM size scaled donks that came in a farm animals package set in a tube. Called "Nature" they're available at most zoos and educational-type toystores.

The Breyer #747 Saddle Mule (Brown Sunshine mold) in seal brown has been discontinued but take heart, it's being reintroduced in 2001 in a wild spotted pattern reminisicent of the Breyer Appy Perf horse. Also debuting for the new 2001 season, several brand new molds - one of which is a lovely miniature Sicilian donkey. Both the spotted saddle mule and mini donk can be viewed at this dealer's site: www.gentrymodelhorses.com
or here at this other dealer: www.handhwc.com/index.html

The black leopard Appy Stablemate size Mule, by Breyer, is slated to remain in the line a while longer, as will the new traditional sized Damara Zebra introduced last year to the Breyer lineup. These and more are available thru various Breyer dealer outlets. For a more complete list of new & discontinued Breyers, you can visit the official Reeves International website: www.breyerhorses.com

New OF Breyer/Stone/Hagen-Renaker/Stallions USA Dealer: Gentry's Model Horses www.gentrysmodelhorses.com

Here's an excellent OF Hagen-Renaker and Stallions USA dealer (Dawn Shaw is also an reputable china restoration artist): Visit her website: www.oz.net/~theherd or drop her an email: theherd@oz.net

Don't forget, Northlight still carries a beautiful line of resin saddle mules, donkey jennets & foals, as well as a Plains variety Zebra/Quagga molds. And Conversation Concepts Zebras as well as Healthy Planet (aka Corlett Collectibles) Zebra mare & foals are still available from Lone Wolf Star. Email Laura Pervier at: laurap@lonewolfstar.com or else visit her website: http://www.lonewolfstar.com/

While you're there, be sure to check out the jaw dropping almost brindle-pattern ZeDonk (which is a zebra/donkey cross) done on the Northlight Zebra mold! Very realistic, very collectible, and very VERY cool! www.lonewolfstar.com/zedonk.htm

Lots of United Designs "Stone Critters" and "Classic Critters" resin zebras and donks at this website: www.angelsandearthlythings.com/earthcat.html

And Stone Critters zebra resins here too: http://krittersinthemailbox.com/animals/zebras/figurines/zebras1.htm

Motherlode! Yet another Conversation Concepts resin Zebra in addition to a Castagna resin Zebra AND another off brand but nifty looking zebra mini here: www.mini-figurines.com/

Yet another Zebra mare & foal set here at Nature's Kingdom: www.natureskingdom.com/Figurines/figurines_zebra1.htm

Imported Russian china, Lomonsov zebra (although we think it makes a better zebrass) currently available at Raintree Originals: www.lindabell.com/

New source for the Andrea china Zebra: http://www.tias.com/stores/erc/pictpages/Figurines-Animals_Misca00001.html

New source for Coopercraft chinas (fine porcelain import from England). Neat dogs and cats, cute horses, and a couple adoreable donkeys under the Barnyard sector. Surf on over to: www.coopercraft-usa.com

And finally, Royal Dux has a nice ceramic leaping zebra available. Viewing pix at their website: www.royaldux.com/828.htm or email them directly at: mmb@royaldux.com

There are slews of other OF resin & ceramic longears & exotics that can be picked up out there. Please double-check the ALES Messageboard and the Dealers portion of the Links page before you leave.

NAMHSA Rulebook

The North American Model Horse Shower's Assn (NAMHSA) recently came out with a brand new 105 page book called "The NAN Judge's Handbook". A sampling of material/subjects covered are:

summary of criteria for halter & performance classes
56 profiles of individual breeds
41 profiles of performance classes
diagrams of harnesses and how they work
diagrams of dressage arenas
diagrams of various combined driving patterns

The handbook is printed on both sides and maybe bound or punched for a 3-ring binder by the purchaser. The total cost for a copy is $10.00 and that covers copying costs, mailing envelope, and postage. All monies reimburse out-of-pocket expenses and NAMHSA makes no profit on the distribution of this handbook.

Those interested in getting their hands on a copy, are encouraged to send a check or money order, made out to "Eleanor Harvey" to the address below. Copies will be mailed as individual checks clear the bank. Allow 2 weeks for checks to clear; money orders shipped upon reciept of order. Please send check and request to:

Eleanor Harvey
7230 Yamini Drive
Dallas TX 75230

Equine Clip Art Collections!

The ADMS Hee Haw Book Service and Shlei Original Art is proud to present the Shady Donkey Clipart Collections. Copyright-free clipart in Bitmap (PC) and Tif (Mac) forms for use on your computer! Use as logos on business cards, web pages, newsletters, more! Modify to suit your needs!

22 volume collections available to date:

Volume 1 - All Longears - the First ever all-longear clipart collection with donkeys, mules and zebra hybrids of every type and size!!! Halter and performance, including gaited mules.

Volume 2 - All Miniature Donkeys! Halter, headstudies, performance!! Adorable foals, jennets and jacks.

Volume 3 - All Mules - Mules of all types in halter and performance poses, with headstudies and silhouettes as well.

Volume 4 - Longeared foals. The cutest mini donkey, mule, zebra, Mammoth, and hybrid foals, playing, sleeping, with mama - adorable!

Volume 5 - Longears Can Do, featuring all donkeys, mules and hybrids in PERFORMANCE ONLY art (no halter poses).

Volume 6 - Equus Glorious! Your favorite breeds of horses, ponies, donkeys, mules, zebras, hybrids, and even a Pegasus and Unicorn in liberty poses.

Volume 7 - All Donkeys! All sizes, breeds, types of saddle donkeys under halter or performance.

Volume 8 - Equus Too! A little of everything from horses to quaggas, very nicely done!

Volume 9 - Jackstock & Mules! Just like the title says.

Volume 10 - Beautiful Babies! Adoreable horses, donks, mules, etc.

Volume 11 - Bustin' My Ass! Cartoons, silhouettes, fun!

Volume 12 - Farm Life! Farm life need not be dull with these cute drawings depicting donks, horses, sheep, etc.

Volume 13 - More Mules! more nice sketches of various types of saddle mules.

Volume 14 - Drafters! Very lovely draft horse, mule, fjord graphics, sure to please!

Volume 15 - Color Breeds! Appys & Paints come alive in this horse & mule edition.

Volume 16 - Gaited! Perfect for the Gaited Horse lover amongst us.

Volume 17 - Noble Arab! Beautiful Arabs in action.

Volume 18 - Western Style! Barrel, Cutting, Trail, Pleasure, etc. graphics!

Volume 19 - Wild Equids! Kiger Mustangs, Onagers, Zebras and more!

Volume 20 - Equus III! More beautiful equine graphics.

Volume 21 - Spanish Flair! Andalusians, Lippizans, and more.

Volume 22 - Ponies & Miniatures! Just like it says, real cuties to behold!

Volume 23 - Ye Old Clipart! Knights, Damsels, Unicorns, Fairie folk, and other wonderful mythical creatures!

Volume 24 - English. Equitation, jumping, polo, dressage, and more!

Volume 25 - Bits & Pieces. Bits, boots, bosals, saddles, and more. Nice graphics.

Volume 26 - Dogs and Agility! Perfect graphics for the doglover in all of us!

Volume (?) - Holiday Longears! Valentines, Easter, St. Paddy's Day, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and MORE!

Each collection comes on a 3.5" floppy disk, with 55 images (110 total as each image is in 2 forms) along with an image catalog. Contact:

Hee Haw Book Service,
PO Box 1210
Lewisville TX 75067
Phone 972-219-0781
E-mail: adms@longears.com

$25.00 each (ppd) or $45.00 for 2. Check or Money Order. Sorry, no credit cards.

Don't see what you are looking for? A Mammoth Jackstock/Draft Mule volume, and Equus Too (more mixed horse and longears) as well as Farmyard Friends are coming soon! Let us know your wants!!!

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