Shawn, Jody and Mike

Picture borrowed from
The Wedding at Cerro Gordo, California

Jody Stewart-Patterson.

Jody died of cancer on December 7,2001.
A memorial was held on May 18,2002.
Jody left behind her husband, Mike Patterson
and so many friends.
She is one of the finest people I have ever met.
She will be sorely missed

Cerro Gordo

The American Hotel, built in 1871, is the most recognizable structure at Cerro Gordo.

Cerro Gordo, Spanish for  "Fat Hill" ,was a silver mining city high in the Inyo Mountains of Owens Valley.  Cerro Gordo's major development  took place in the early 1870s primarily by Mortimer Belshaw and Victor Beaudry. By 1872, the town was producing 100 to 150 83-pound bars of silver- lead each day. These bars, called "loaves" because of their resemblance to loaves of  bread, were shipped in huge wagons to the  nearest ocean port city, which happened to be Los Angeles. At the port, the silver was loaded on to ships that carried it to San Francisco and other destinations for final refining.

Where in the Hills is Cerro Gordo?

Click [ Yahoo! Maps ] for a map and driving directions to Keeler.
At Keeler turn north onto the dirt road with the Historical Landmark. Follow this dirt road for about 8 miles to Cerro Gordo.

And the weather for Cerro Gordo?

The weather for Keeler (3000 feet lower than Cerro Gordo)
is available at the link below by entering the zip code 93530

Photo by Roger W.Vargo
Ecological 4-Wheeling Adventures.
Down canyon view looking into what remains of Cerro Gordo with Owens (dry) Lake in the distance. The townsite is situated at 8000-feet in the Inyo Mountains of California's Owens Valley.

Today Mike Patterson privately owns Cerro Gordo. A number of buildings, from various periods in the town's history, remain standing. As funds permit, Mike and and his late wife,Jody were performing preservation and restoration work on the structures, including the landmark American Hotel, built in 1871. The rebuilding will continue.

You can call Cerro Gordo at 760-876-5030 or by snail mail at PO Box 221, Keeler,CA 93530

GHOST TOWN BUFFS Cerro Gordo is considered to be one of the best remaining early mining camps in the West.
HISTORY and OLD WEST LOVERS Cerro Gordo's history began during the Civil War period. The great cattle drives were yet to come. General Custer still had a few years yet to dream. Los Angeles was a sleepy pueblo and the Owens Lake had water 50 feet deep!
MINERAL COLLECTORS Cerro Gordo has mine dumps that contain scores of collectible materials. They have conducted a wonderful mineral specimen photography symposium and are making efforts to retrieve specimens from the 37 miles of tunnels located under the town.
NATURE LOVERS Located in the Southern Inyo Mountains, Cerro Gordo has the only human habitation for miles around. From barren box canyons to bristlecone pines, it is surrounded by numerous wilderness biospheres.

EQUESTRIANS Both Cerro Gordo and the old Ghost Port of Swansea are hubs, central to many wonderful rides. Both sites can be accessed by horse trailers but a powerful 4 WD vehicle is a must if you drive up to Cerro Gordo!
PHOTOGRAPHERSPhoto opportunities for video and still photography are too numerous to mention. Mike hosts several photo workshops each year.
BOY SCOUTS Cerro Gordo will qualify for the Historical Trails Award. Camping onsite is allowed and the projects are easily available.

Three Troop 88 Eagle Scout projects have been completed at Cerro Gordo.


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owned by Cerro Gordo.

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