(Junior White Grade)


Coached by Craig Lennox, who we affectionately call the "Coach of the Millenium", we the Hurricanes are on our way to completing a great 1999/2000 softball season.

Unfortunately, our club picture isn't available at the moment, so for a general idea of who some of us are, last years team is shown below.

1998/1999 season team photo.

From left: Craig Lennox (coach), Sheena Robertson, Amy Lennox (ME!), Kate Williams, Rebecce Butler, Jenna McGoldrick,
Stacey Skane, Amy Coulman, Dawn Osmond, Pam Williams (manager),
Front: Danielle Dapson, Tarryn Gormley


The Current Team

Names and Uniform numbers

Rebecca Butler (36), Sharon Coulman (32), Danielle Dapson (28), Catherine Donnelly (31), Melissa Fedrici (33), Amy Lennox (37), Samantha McFall (29), Jenna McGoldrick (34),Kea Osbourne (30), Kate Williams (26).


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