m y     m u s i c

Welcome to my music page!

I listen to all kinds of music ranging from classical music, film songs, indipop, ar rehman, cher (yes!) & asha.

Had my initial
training in carnatic
(south indian classical)
music from
Mrs. Santha Raghavendra.
That was during
my IIT Kanpur days.
When moved to Delhi for
working, I was lucky enough to be
under the tutelage of veteran
Prof. Kumara Swamy Iyer,
former principal of
swathi thirunal music college.

f a v o u r i t e s

In classical music
my favourite artist is
Hyderabad brothers.
Among the younger generation,
one should not miss
Sudha Raghunathan and
Unni Krishnan.

In semiclassical/light songs
I think no one can excell yesudas.

In film music composers,
my favourite is
for his adaption of
carnatic ragas into film songs,
without deviating from

Another favourite is
AR Rehman,
for his grasp on
different varieties of
world music, his fresh
approach to orchestration
and the casting which always
turns out to be
perfect for the song!

I hope one day he will contact
me for that song
specially created for me!

r a a g a     k a i r a l y

Raaga kairaly is an
attempt to take classical music
to the masses...

It is a raagam-wise listing of
malayalam film songs
based on classical music.

My family does not have
any background in classical music.
I got interested in
classical music
thru classical music based
film songs.

If you are
a serious listener of film songs,
Raaga kairaly
can help you in taking
the first step towards
classical music.

You can start with
raagams like
Naatta , HamsaDwani ,
AanandaBhairavi etc...
which can be easily recognized.

Special thanks to my
friend Sinoj
for doing the graphic design
for Raaga kairaly.

goto Raagakairaly

s w a t h i     c o m p o s i t i o n s

Sree Swathi thirunal
is supposed to have composed
more than 200 krithis.
I could not find
any sites on them in the web.

Here is an attempt to
compile a list of the swathi compositions.

goto Swaathi thirunaal compositions

(This statement written way back in
1998 is no longer true.
Kerala government has
finally stepped in and created this
really comprehensive site:
SwathiThirunal.In )
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Hope you enjoyed my music page. Please send your comments.

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