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Good day and welcome to my humble domain. No doubt that the first thought that comes to mind is about my nickname 'Exxonvald'. To tell you the truth, this nickname is a remembrance to the ill fated tanker, the Exxon Valdez , which unfortunately crashed off the coast of Alaska back in 1989. Although many blamed it for the pollution of the surrounding area, I felt that it was not the crew's or ship's fault. Feel free to click the image below to find out more about the ship.

Exxon Valdez

This page basically consists of various sections. Most of them are based on my interests. However some sections may prove useful. Therefore be sure check out this site thoroughly. If possible, please download this font file and install it. All of the page titles use this font. You can still proceed without downloading the font file. Internet Explorer users, please click here to add this site to your bookmarks. Happy surfing.

Brief biodata on myself as well as a picture of me.

Anime Section
Anime page featuring the anime series 'You're Under Arrest'. Includes images, MP3s, computer downloads, song lyrics and links to other sites. Also check out the new section - Best Anime Hits!

Downloads Section
Section containing desktop themes, WinAmp skins, Windows startup logos and more. All of it are Anime based items. Free fonts to download! New page - Midi Section. Contains perhaps the best midi's on the Net. All are carefully selected. Hope you'll like them.

Boys' Brigade
Go to Squad B1's homepage. Contains members info, squad activities, squad structure and a brief B.B. history.

Miscellaneous Section
Contains all sorts of stuff from advertising your page to award links. This section is also open to suggestions as to what might be appropriate to put in.

Star Wars Section
This section is about the Star Wars novels that I've read. A new image gallery has been added. Contains superb pictures.

Links Section
Links to other personal homepages and anime pages.

ICQ and Stuff
Download ICQ99/98, ICQ upgrades or IRC clients. Contains links to other useful IRC pages. Includes other communication software such as PowWow.

Web Tools
Useful programs to ease web designing. Include HTML Editors, Image Editors, Site Management , Multimedia and more.

Awards Section
Thanks to the many wonderful people out there, this site has won awards. Thank you to all who agree that this site is worth the time spent in building it. Apply for my award here

My School
Methodist Boys' Secondary School Kuala Lumpur - That's my school and what a wonderful one it is. Having been around for a 100 years, it sure doesn't lack in standard. Go forward MBS!

What's New

19th September Okay, it's been a long time since I did anything to my page. Nevertheless, I've added a new section which is the Best Anime Hits Section. Anime fans, do take a look.
20th June More MP3s added on the YUA MP3 section.
9th May Updated the YUA Section. Check it out and download the Taiho Sichauzo Movie Trailer and many more!
15th Feb I've added a new Midi Section in the Download Section. It contains all the coolest midi's I can find. If you think midi's are such a bore, download a few and listen. I'm sure you'll like them.
20th Jan Free fonts to download. Check out the Download Section.
16th Jan Star Wars Image Gallery added. Contains rare but breath-taking images.
15th Jan Made my very own award.
2nd Jan New section - Star Wars.
27th Dec Web Tools page added. Go check it out.
26th Dec Added a new page -ICQ and Stuff.
25th Dec Refurbished my main page. Did more work to my Anime Section.
24th Dec Made a new banner. To see it, please go to the Links Section.
23rd Dec Started my homepage.

Ever hoping that you would ......

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  • Chat with me through ICQ. My UIN is 5430330.

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