A Folc Named Peace was created... um... a long time ago on a server far, far away
and was last updated on November 7, 2003.

[A FoLC Named Peace]

Peace opened the door to find a crowd awaiting. "Hey! you found me!" she cried in delight. "Come on in! Got all kinds of cool stuff in here --
fanfiction, photos, the occasional weird thing... Make yourselves at home!"
NEW!! She pointed to a big blue word on the wall. "Click here to give Peace a chance!" she dared them with a grin.

[Lois&Clark] [Lois&Superman]

"On the offchance that you haven't noticed yet,
this is a
site..." Peace grinned at the snickers from the crowd. "Well...
there might be people who wandered in here and don't know!"
she defended herself.

"A FoLC is a
Lois &
she proceeded to explain, "and I definitely qualify -- I'm a fan of the show, I enjoy the characters, and I love the fact that I've made a *lot* of friends among the FoLCs -- they're a nice bunch of people!"

[Peace In Love]

"You may have noticed by now a lack of new stories...
Well, you see..." Peace blushed and dug a toe into the carpet
before continuing. "I've been working on a little love story
of my own." The crowd cheered and she brightened under their
approval. "There's pictures of how we met under the rose,"
she pointed up, "and sometime soon here I've got to get pictures
of our baby up for the FoLCs to see. She's not really a baby
anymore, though; she's over a year old already!"


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[flying unicorn]

As the crowd began to slowly make its way out, Peace called to them one last time. "Please sign my guestbook before you go!"

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Screen captures from the show were done by Barb Poirier, to whom I owe a debt of thanks for the mountain of images she provided me to choose from. Wherever you are, Barb, thanks! (And yes, a few images were downloaded from other sites, and as soon as I figure out where I got them from, I'll give them credit for their talent in creating them
-- me, I'm just talented at recognizing beautiful work... *grin*)

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